Did you know that you can map your neighborhood & your favourite spots in your city? πŸ€” You can do so through @openstreetmap - the free and editable map of the world! πŸ—ΊοΈπŸ“πŸš©πŸŒ
Try it now and don't forget to this awesome project.

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@rory I think I followed the instructions twice properly but I'm not listed. What are the steps to follow?


@Doudouosm hmmm, I don't know I think it's just message @carbontwelve

Maybe it's all done manually and we have to wait? πŸ€”

@rory @Doudouosm Hi, yes the #Trunk project is a manually moderated approvals process, however we normally get through requests to be added to lists very quickly. You can apply by entering your account here or by messaging myself or any other moderator of Trunk and ask to be included.

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