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The Ultimate Battle 💬

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Dark style is about to get better across not only elementary OS, but GNOME and GNOME apps. writes about the progress and how GNOME and elementary have worked together to get here.

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Note: If a design pattern is bad, it is bad. Not because we like it or because big companies use it magically makes it a good pattern.

Let's stop lying to ourselves.

is there a reading community where you all are hanging out?

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#Lagrange v1.7.1 is available:

- added feed refresh progress bar
- bookmark list scrolls to show new items
- moving an item to be the last one in a folder

Bug fixes:
- feed entry bookkeeping
- parsing Atom timestamps
- crash when selecting text


Open-source alternatives: Cool
Open-source top solutions: Now we’re talking 😏

I’ve caught myself thinking too many steps ahead before solving my current issue quite a few times lately.

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Hey! If anyone wants to join, we have a #Vala server on Discord

We are discussing the possibility of creating a package manager for #Vala

An elementary OS 6 Figma Design Kit:

(Yes it’s real, you’re not dreaming 😂)

Feel free to send feedback. This is just the beginning! 😉

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Node.js devs, imagine npm doesn’t exist. Instead, if you’re nice, you make a list of your dependencies in your README and everyone installs them manually. (Seriously.) Also, you can list names any way you like. So, if a library is called libclutter-1.0-dev, list it as clutter, libclutter, clutter-1.0, … and people will magically know you meant libclutter-1.0-dev (or, more likely, they’ll do an, e.g., apt search clutter to try and find out wtf you meant). Welcome to C/Vala development in 2021.


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@dubiousdisc @aral @colinkiama Something like this is what I was talking about with Prince a while ago on Vala's Discord server. While it is true that within the community there are very few resources, we need an NPM-style package manager for Vala

Maybe it doesn't even need to be centralized, maybe just taking the URLs from the GitHub repositories might be enough, like Go does, but we need to do it.

Otherwise, more painful experiences will be shared by devs who try to use Vala

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[navi]( is an interactive cheatsheet tool for the command-line.

@skunksarebetter thank you for introducing this app.

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Just wanted to showcase

Great project. Pretty good funding model.

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New blog post!

You can prevent your personal images from appearing in 's image search results.

My dream for tomorrow is them to not have any new hardware. 🙏

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