@nahuelwexd @aral @colinkiama@mastodon.social @dubiousdisc We need a proof of concept ASAP!

I’m all for improving the developer experience but maybe there’s something we’re missing here. Why do some Vala developers feel hostile about package managers?

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Node.js devs, imagine npm doesn’t exist. Instead, if you’re nice, you make a list of your dependencies in your README and everyone installs them manually. (Seriously.) Also, you can list names any way you like. So, if a library is called libclutter-1.0-dev, list it as clutter, libclutter, clutter-1.0, … and people will magically know you meant libclutter-1.0-dev (or, more likely, they’ll do an, e.g., apt search clutter to try and find out wtf you meant). Welcome to C/Vala development in 2021.


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@dubiousdisc @aral @colinkiama Something like this is what I was talking about with Prince a while ago on Vala's Discord server. While it is true that within the community there are very few resources, we need an NPM-style package manager for Vala

Maybe it doesn't even need to be centralized, maybe just taking the URLs from the GitHub repositories might be enough, like Go does, but we need to do it.

Otherwise, more painful experiences will be shared by devs who try to use Vala

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[navi](github.com/denisidoro/navi) is an interactive cheatsheet tool for the command-line.


@skunksarebetter thank you for introducing this app.

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Just wanted to showcase vgc.io/

Great project. Pretty good funding model.

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New blog post!


You can prevent your personal images from appearing in 's image search results.

@Squeak13 me neither. The other replies have some really cool ideas though 😄.

My dream for tomorrow is them to not have any new hardware. 🙏

@xue Interesting answer. Could you expand on that please?

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really struggling to think of an original design for my personal website

@Spaceface16518 Or you could get inspiration from just one site or piece of media then customise and modifies the design to fit your tastes 😉.

@Spaceface16518 You could try checking out existing sites and media that you really like. You could combine design aspects of each of them, resulting in your own style!

In this blog post, I self-motivate myself: colinkiama.com/blog/for-whenev

(Yes, this is expanding on that “start before learning video” I shared earlier 😅)

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