So what I'll never understand is why do people buy FIFA every year. Seriously, you get minor improvements to the gameplay and a little bit of a graphical wow factor for 60€ every year. They sell you the same game, every year! And people are still buying them? Why?

@dusnm going to play devil’s advocate here:
1) Justifies an ultimate team squad reset
2) Fully-featured offline modes
3) A guarantee of quality (somewhat). Here’s what happened when their competitor decided to change to a F2P model:

@colinkiama All of those things can be made with a software update. It's still basically the same game with minor improvements and features that sound cool and exciting, but are nothing but buzzwords and hogwash.

@dusnm well in the case of FIFA 22 specifically, a re-worked animation engine is a huge and very noticeable change. It’s very important for people who play the game in a more competitive way too.

Can’t forget about all the licensing fees, especially the fact that they had to pay $500 million to FIFA just to name their game “FIFA”. This doesn’t even include player likeness, real club branding stadiums etc.

@dusnm Maybe the fact that they are changing the name to avoid paying $1 billion means that there might be an opportunity to go free-to-play or create a new game every few years. (But again that Ultimate Team issue rears it’s head again). Maybe it becomes its own separate game?

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