So what do you use your home servers for?

@colinkiama I self host my own private server as well as a capsule. Right now, due to a somewhat long standing networking issue I'm still trying to iron out, they're both only intermittently available but they are there. Self-hosting is a great way to learn sysadmin skills though. I've learned more than I ever wanted to know about networking in the last few months

@colinkiama controls the microchip in your brain stem chodomite makes you dance

@xue Interesting answer. Could you expand on that please?

@colinkiama I keep thinking I need a ton of stuff, but what I really need is a computer with a ton of storage and Syncthing. Other than that, Wireguard and PiHole

@colinkiama hosting a node for peer-to-peer communication

@colinkiama great question. Not a lot currently. I can’t decide on a project.

@Squeak13 me neither. The other replies have some really cool ideas though 😄.

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