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I'm new to mastodon

My name's Cole, I'm 22, and I'm in my last semester as a CS student. I like Emacs, Linux, ricing, CLI applications, and tiling window managers.

Outside of tech stuff I like hunting for wallpapers, chess, magic the gathering, cubing, coffee, video essays, fighting games, and making music.

Anyone have a phone w/ stylus recommendation?

Had to completely uninstall brave from my Moto phone. It was using enormous amounts of power without being open. Tried battery optimization to no luck. Back to chrome on mobile I guess.

Beneath the mask of every company lies a fragile legacy codebase.

Been using the key that's normally caps lock as escape for 10 or so months. I'm really wondering why this isn't the norm.

Heard native compilation for is being merged into master. Cool, but I had some performance bugs using it with DOOM.

I know there are worse problems to have, but I hate having a job offer while still being in the interview process for another job. I don't want to accept it then leave :/

Played with Rust all day. I've messed with it before, but nothing too crazy. I now understand why people like it, but the patterns can be a little frustrating to learn.

Haven't posted here in a while. Got a new phone and never put Tusky on it. Went to Sproul State Forest in East Keating yesterday.

A content creator friend asked me if I saw his latest video, and I had to tell him I hadn't consumed any content this week that wasn't roller coaster analysis videos.

My MAGA mother is in favor of text/completely paper free voting, but not mail in voting.

It's almost like they just believe everything they hear on Fox...

I'm excited to try building some kind of cyberdeck out of the raspberry pi 400.

The Dotnet ecosystem is growing on me. F# and C# are honestly great. The interop is easy and pretty fun to use. My only complaint is the setup required.

Anyone else wish Software developers were still called authors and writers?

Well... I might've had to redo an entire web app backend, but hey, I'm having fun.

Messing with doom emacs today... Idk why honestly. I guess it scratches my distro hopping itch.

Don't you love it when you discover that your keyboard has 1 programmable LED?

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