@sir Figured. Interested to see what the actual language is called sometime in the future. All these screenshots look interesting.

@worldofpeace Awesome! I already have bqv's repo bookmarked, but haven't seen most of the others. I'll be sure to take a look. Thanks again!

@worldofpeace Is your config public? Or at least the flakes part? I'm collecting examples to base my own leap to flakes on.

@worldofpeace (re-sent with -s flag, otherwise if you have a link named Result, it'll try to unlink that as well)

@worldofpeace I use `fd(1)` for that (it's in nixpkgs) -- `fd -t l result ~ -HIs -x unlink '{}' \;`

@sir Any chance you have a/some specific songs in mind? I'm always shopping around for new stuff.

@worldofpeace Slightly disappointed that final "divaaaaaaa" wasn't a soundbite.


@worldofpeace jonringer does so much for NixOS. I think he'll be a great RM alongside you (for 20.09). I hope you both keep up the tradition of documenting all the little things an RM needs to be careful of.

@worldofpeace Welcome back! I saw a few of your merges on IRC and it made me happy to see you back. Hope you've staved off the burnout for now.

@gaige My machines are named after various locations in Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere universe, and my users are named after various people in that same universe.

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