@sir Looks cool. Small issue: `:q`ing out of `:compose` doesn't let you choose to not send it: "Unknown command abort"

@cole yeah, haven't implemented that yet. Would be an easy one if you want to send a patch?


@sir It'll be my first time with Go and email-based patches. I'll take a shot at it, but don't wait up if I take too long.

@cole I'm around if you have questions. Check out git-send-email.io if you haven't yet

@cole check out send.go and basically remove all of the sending but keep the tab closing

@sir Yep, that's what I did. Was much less painless than I was expecting. Expect to see the patch soon-ish (after I revisit git-send-email.io again).

@sir Sent! Wasn't sure about whether or not I should place newlines between the variable binding, the RemoveTab call, and the return, so that might need changing if it's inconsistent with your expected style.

@sir Whoops, sent to `aerc2@lists` instead of `aerc@lists`. Should be fixed

@cole thanks! sent back a review, needs a minor fix.

@sir Whew, what a rush! Thanks for the mentoring! Contributing to open source is always fun.

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