Neovim has adopted for OpenBSD CI 🎉 welcome to Sourcehut!

When you correct someone on terminology, you deeply hurt your chances at winning them over to your worldview. You should be willing to sacrifice the correct words if it means you can win the correct thoughts

Since offering a reward for people to start a blog, a dozen people have sent me emails and mastodon messages asking me to pay up for the blog they created two months ago, or accept their lazy 100 word article about how they set up their "blog", or for their non-technical blog about being discriminated against for their flavor of the week and I'm a priviledged asshole for not giving them money to support their flavor...

Listen. Don't be that guy. You're ruining a good thing.

Part of @sir drive for more blogging I posted a first post of several about the difference between Users and Contributors in Floss.

Another blog as a result of @sir's blog drive on the topic of why I use Linux and Windows concurrently. Controversial opinion warning.

Start a blog and write your first article, get $20. Write another 3 articles within six months and get another $20.

"A lot of developers have been spoon fed everything, and have no framework for realizing that they don't need the pneumatic nail gun for every problem. A hammer is often better, but they've only ever been shown the nail gun."

- grayhatter on IRC

@sir Don't merge that latest patch from me. Somehow, I get a runtime error. Previous commit (your OOB one) works fine. Trying to track it down.


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