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Just bought written by @sir as an early Christmas present. Hoping I'll be able to contribute to sway or Wayland in general eventually.

Objectively correct list of best anime 

You can now attach files (binaries, PGP signatures, etc) to annotated tags on repositories 🎉

the fucking alphabet song has ensured i store the alphabet as a singly linked list

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I claimed earlier that you could implement git with shell scripts inside of an afternoon

So, uh, let's do it

@sir indeed.

tbh. it's best to just watch Garry Bernhardt's talk:

But I'll try to summarize it:

For each parts of your program, eg. for a particular function, there are all kinds of ways in which it can be ran.

Some of them are correct. But most of them are bogus / illegal / should never happen.

A test takes one of the legal ways to run it, and makes sure that it works correctly in that particular situation.

A good type signature takes (almost) all of the illegal ways and proves that they will never happen.
You describe a small subset of situations you care about, and a type checker proves that everything else is impossible, or - if it can't prove it - fails the build.

Finished s-expression implementation for the thing I'm working on and bundled it up for you:

@lanodan @asonix "hey, can I borrow your phone to make a phone call?"

"sure, one sec" *unzips*

"...actually, nevermind."

It's important to remember that software engineering is still _engineering_

We work within tolerances. Measure your programs, and make sure they fit.

A practical consequence of this is that I dislike the use of codes of conduct as an objective document. They're just boilerplate on top of "don't be a dickhead", which is the real missive enforced by project leadership. It's more important to identify if your values align with the leadership than if they align with a code of conduct, because at the end of the day the leadership is enforcing their values.

If the leadership tries to suspend their values to enforce the letter of a code of conduct, they leave loopholes large enough for bad actors to drive a truck through by weasel wording their behavior to be within the letter of the CoC, if not the spirit of it.

So instead, in my opinion, it's better to just skip this entirely. Projects should make clear who's in charge, and then govern themselves based on their own values, which they were going to do anyway. Participants should then consider if the leader's values align with their own, which they should be doing anyway. No further formalisms are necessary.

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linux has a great way to run windows apps (wine) and progress is being made on macOS apps (darling)

now if only there was a good universal way to run linux apps on linux

Just got reminded that as of January I will have been writing self-directed free software projects full-time for 1 year.

How the fuck did I manage to land this gig?

Thanks everyone ❤️

My new language will be called "rm -rf ~" and the compiler will be installed at /usr/bin/rm -rf ~

Just bought written by @sir as an early Christmas present. Hoping I'll be able to contribute to sway or Wayland in general eventually.

Revised complaint form, includes a separate complaint against ICANN and goes into more detail about the specific violations:

And the ODG:

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Walid Al-Saqaf
Richard Barnes
Gonzalo Camarillo
Olga Cavalli
Hans Peter Dittler
Hiroshi Esaki
Mike Godwin
John Levine
Glenn McKnight
Robert Pepper
Andrew Sullivan
Sean Turner
Mieke van Heesewijk

Never again should these people be extended invitations to events, seats on committes, or even employment in our industry. They should be banished from the internet for pursuing self-interests at the expense of not just the rest of the internet, but the parts of it which represent charitable interests. An unforgivable crime.

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