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I only retoot if a post resonates with me.

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For my privacy, I'm using both
I use these services since the beginning, and I'm really satisfied

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Feeling very smug about my as I'm sat here in China, surfing non-approved websites on the hotel WiFi.

Next stop Kahn Academy (Learn to count)

Finally completed my first LFS (27338) Operating System. 🤠

Badges Earned (All Level 1):
1. Follow Instructions
2. Determination
3. Freedom Seeker

Badges Yet to be earned:
3. Without Mistakes
4. Understand It All

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I often get comments about the type of hat I wear lol.

It seems that the "sheeple"/"normies" miss the lessons of history about the exploitation and abuse of consensus data not necessarily by the current seat of power but by one that follows.

I think it is a given that our current communal reliance on data hungry private organisations that offer access to faux social advertising platforms will be taken advantage of in a similar manor.

The issue has evolved beyond that of just privacy to somthing much bigger, the normalisation of surveillance capatilsm and the vilification of non dependency
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@coffee exactly. It’s not necessarily me I’m worried about. It’s my children, and the surveillance society they’re growing into which is being normalised.

“Be kind and avoid sarcasm - tone is hard to decipher online. If a situation makes it hard to act kindly, stop participating and move on.” - StackOverflow email.

The bit about stop participating and moving on resonates nicely. 👍

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NSA’s Encryption Algorithm in Linux Kernel is Creating Unease in the Community

And that’s probably more a GNU/Linux experience than a Specific district experience. What an easy era we live in.

My favourite distros have all been Debian based until recently. Crunchbang. ElementaryOS. Ubuntu.

I think over the next year I’m probably going to become the most impossible Fedora fanboy.

I plugged in a thunderbolt eGPU and it just works. Wacom tablet, just works. Touchpad, touchscreen, wifi, mouse just works. External monitor with display scaling, perfect (only one or two glitches prior to rebooting with the display plugged in).

Install go and syncthing... all my stuff just turned up.

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“You have 75 new updates in LinkedIn” translates to “Absolutely nothing that affects you has happened, but our shareholders like to see charts of customer engagement so come and checkout 75 random pointless thingies”.

Stylishly cling-wrapped to the airport for safety.

I didn't want to miss out on all the fun many of you are having with pihole. Now I need to figure out how to troll the kids by replacing all the ads with my mugshot. :)

Tootdon on iOS keeps randomly reading aloud bits and pieces of onscreen text in the phones accessibility voice . Siri is completely off, accessibility features are all off. like I have pressed speak selected text, but that is all disabled.