@MMWW ohh nice. Yes that's why i like it so much 😍📺

@coffe oh @A8bit - how about this for a twist on a CallistoII?

I think the circular screen wouldn't work for your wife's writing, but... it's still cool.

@coffe Fallout-style computer terminal with ports of the in-game "tape" adventures.

@coffe: Looks like a OLKB Preonic keyboard (olkb.com/collections/preonic) with the Ortho Kit from MiTo's XDA Canvas keycap set (drop.com/buy/drop-mito-xda-can).

And in the one picture, there is likely the Cool Retro Term (aka CRT 😉; github.com/Swordfish90/cool-re).

I'm just not sure what screen is used. This one is clearly too small: shop.pimoroni.com/products/1-3

But a very cool finding!

@coffe: Could have looked on the project's Github page. 🙂

Seems as if I was right. And the round 5" screen is from TaoBao, but their link to it requires a login.

@coffe this is cool as hell, i'd honestly probably buy one if they were for sale

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