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I'm trying out and noticed that, when I SSH in to my desktop, it fires both an X server and gnome-shell (even though I'm not connecting graphically or using X-forwarding)

When I would SSH in to the computer running , it wouldn't bother with either of those.

Does anyone know why that is/how I can stop running a pointless Xorg process?

(Despite the hashtag, I *did* look for this a bit and came up oddly empty)

Questions to supporter and potential supporter that like to donate:

1. Which issues did you came across, that could solve if we change something?
2. Could you imagine to become a regular supporter, if we would change something about the donation process? What is hindering you, that we could improve?
3. Do you prefer regular or one time donations?

, The Amnesic Incognito Live System is .

You can download, use, and share it with no restrictions. Forever!

I'm glad to see Linux gaining more support for mainstream games, with things like Proton.

At the same time, a part of me hopes that Linux never gets *too* popular as a gaming platform, because preventing cheating is essentially incompatible with the type of user-empowerment I love Linux for.

I was thinking about this when reading about the somewhat frightening anti-cheat tech games are using on Windows

Looking for super dumb ideas for web apps I can make in a few days. Challenge me with your stupidity

Dear lazy web, I'm looking for a static site generator with support for events, i.e. should output a page with calendar view, an iCal/ics file, rss/atom for newly added and updated events. Any hints?

Time for some spring cleaning! ~/ here I come!

(What, I still have *Cassandra* test data from a project I wrapped up 2 years ago – and for which I didn't even end up using Cassandra?)

You know what I really love about this community?

Yesterday I was annoyed and frustrated, so slammed Git. Today I’ve posted about the Keybase acquisition.

We have a lot of devs here, so these are subjects close to peoples’ heart.

Not once. Not a single time did I receive a reply saying something akin to “shit up Kev, you dick. You don’t know what you’re talking about.” (which would be a fair comment).

Instead I’ve had constructive feedback and offers to help me learn.

You guys blow my mind.

"yes, let me teach you programming" she said, and her pupils began to swirl

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The Fedora and Lenovo partnership is about more than just selling Thinkpads with Linux pre-installed. In this special video interview, Fedora lead Matthew Miller and Lenovo's Senior Linux Software Engineer Mark Pearson join me to discuss a TON of details.

There are SEVERAL surprises along the way, and most of them are going to make you jump for joy. This is how Linux gets treated like a first-class citizen.

This year LibrePlanet was made possible by Jitsi!

Due to Covid-19, the event could be put in place only at distance. Fortunately, thanks to Jitsi (about which we have already spoken on our website) it wasn't cancelled and interesting encounter were organized. Obviously the @fsf team has spoken as well as other hosts like the creator of Archive.

For watching these conferences:

@lightweight Agreed. I've been thinking about those too platforms a lot lately, because it makes me feel very uneasy seeing so many libre projects coming to depend on for-profit, closed, VC funded, capitalistic operations like Patreon, Open Collective and GitHub Sponsors.

And I do also think just straight up "please pay for the thing" business shouldn't be the sole domain of proprietary software vendors. I think pay-what-you-want and regular flat priced models, like Ardour, have their place.

Since I'm seeing toots about people moving off GitHub, reminder:

Development of my "Rhapsode" auditory browser engine is self-hosted on my homeserver! Please contact me if you want to contribute, I'll make it easy for you!

Following the actions of others, I've started migrating my repos to #sourcehut! Starting with my website

@codesections One huge benefit of software you wrote yourself is that you can eliminate every feature you don't personally need, and this reduces the attack surface.

What are your favorite sources for news around #infosec, #privacy, or #tech in general? Do you use automation? Specific news outlets? What sort of tools?

the predictable thing about linux's predictable network interface names is that I can predict I'll have no idea what it'll be

You may think it's pseudocode gibberish, but it's not. You just don't have the right keyboard.

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