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Well this is refreshing..don't think I've ever been to a site that recommends using an adblocker. Awesome! Way to be!

More sites need to support u2f security keys, WTH banks you don’t have an excuse

I’m pleased to announce the release of my first app made from scratch: Solanum - a time-management application for @gnome !

I’d like to credit @tbernard for the icon, and @Miredly for the sound used.

If you’re interested in trying it, you can now download it from Flathub:

How high can Markdown count? 


(Not even a joke; that's the highest number Markdown lists allow, per the spec. Of course, if you even need to put a billion items in a Markdown list, you *may* have other problems.)

speaking of AI incompetence, I was just watching a youtube video (yeah, yeah, I know, but that's the only place the talk was uploaded…)

And I got an ad encouraging me to "apply for a job with the NSA".

If google has so little info about me that they think I might bite on *that* ad, I guess I must be doing *something* right!

Thinking of rewriting the @promptodon bot (postodon) in Rust as a practice first project. 🤔

Currently it's in NodeJS:

This is a nice post discussing the accessibility advantages of as an application platform

> As a blind user, I can write a special mode which does something specific, say, implement an IRC client. Almost all my work can instantaneously be used by sighted people using their graphical toolkit.

Ht hn

I come to you with a simple question:
What would you use if you where to start writing a novel on linux today?
I'm used to using Scrivener, but it's Mac (and windows) only.

Why is it that the "frightening AI" news stories these days seem to be about AI that's frighteningly bad, rather than AI that's frighteningly good?

I listened to the three episodes with the guy who is switching from to . He talks about how hard it is to get used to a new paradigm.

When I switched to linux in 2017, I had the *exact opposite* experience. I'd used Windows for 20+ years (since 3.1) and I *never* felt like I "got" it. In contrast, after just a couple of months with linux, it all just made sense.

But I'm clearly in the minority there – I get that says something pretty weird about how I'm wired

A public announcement to all of Fosstodon:
You guys are awesome. I tried 3 Mastodon instances already and this one is the only one, where I actually prefer to browse Local feed instead of my personal Home.

Kudos @kev @mike @cooper @joseph @codesections @lee8oi @ohyran @Gina for managing this!
I love my daily dose of loosely FOSS-themed bait :)

Can’t wait for the Global Women in Games conference to start. I am helping launch a collaborative project between Winchester School of Art and Women in games to showcase women artists and designers from across game making. We also have a booth showcasing final year work. JOIN

Do you know Mosh ? A remote terminal application that allows roaming, supports intermittent connectivity, and provides intelligent local echo.

Great !!
#Mosh #Shell #SSH #FOSS

I've decided to take the plunge and order the from .

This will be my first time with a keyboard:
- at less than 100% size
- that is programmable
- that is layered
- that has blank keycaps (I selected that option)
- that is mechanical

so, wish me luck – I may need it!

One "rule" I've heard a few times for estimating software schedules is "take your estimate, double it, and then shift to the next unit of time". For example:

2 hours → 4 days

(I've also heard "multiply by pi" so "2 days → 6.29 weeks)

Does that rule have a name? It seems like the sort of thing that should, and that should be listed on

«The syntax for Markdown was influenced by Swartz's earlier atx language (2002),[248] which today is primarily remembered for its syntax for specifying headers, known as atx-style headers:[249] »

Still don't know if it's supposed to stand for something (Aaron's TeXt?). :)

A number of Markdown resources (including the commonmark spec) refer to #### and similar as "ATX headings". But they don't say where that name came from/what it means. Does anyone know?

Is it something to do with this ATX?

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