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I have recently played which really impressed me. It's more novel than game, but the story telling is amazing. The characters are relatable and fleshed out with incredible voice acting (Phil Wang is among the actors). The story revolves around a woman in her mid thirties who starts at a company using AI for therapy of mental illness. Issues are brought up and discussed in a nuanced way. I really appreciated how mature the game was handling the topics as well as the characters themselves.

that the unit I typically call a megabyte (equal to 2^20 bytes) is technically a mebibyte.

I knew about the distinction between metric-style bytes (1 kilobyte=1,000 bytes) vs binary-style ones (1 kilobyte=1,024 bytes). But I always thought they shared the same term – just like a oz. of gold and an oz. of water share the same term, but have different meanings.

But, nope, turns out there's a (not-widely used) term instead. News to me, anyway!

The text file describing leap seconds is delightful. It starts with comments explaining the comment syntax, and builds from there!

I feel like these two articles make great companion reading for one another:

Things you can do with a browser in 2020
> It's 2020, and browsers can do amazing stuff.

The reckless, infinite scope of web browsers
> This strategy of unlimited scope and perpetual feature creep is reckless, and has been allowed to go on for far too long.

Before I go on a crazy journey to write one, does anyone know of any or debuggers for ?
Currently, I'm running the node debugger in a shell in an emacs buffer. I'd love to have a watchlist on the side and some keybindings for stepping through,
like I can with

POLL: Choose a Unix-like.

I believe the technical term for this is "percussive maintenance":

> NASA fixes Mars lander by telling it to hit itself with a shovel

Dear #notmuch #emacs users: Have you configured your status line to show the number of unread mails fetched from notmuch? If so, how?

Anyone else have any favorite late 90s/early 2000s PC that are easy to get running on Ubuntu?

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With all my event planner contacts having their shows cancelled, many are looking to host them as "virtual" shows.

Something I've been asked to find is a "tipping" service that is "one-time focused." Me being me, I'm determined to find a service that is privacy respecting and (hopefully) open source.

Anyone have any ?

Hot damn, Emacs hasn't ceased to amaze me yet. The more you figure out how it works, the more you realize how powerful it is. And I know I'm still just scratching the surface. Today, I'm executing my JS work and viewing/filtering my csv output, all with a few keystrokes inside Emacs. I've barely had to leave Emacs today. Just to do some web searches in Firefox (yes I know about ewww), and to post this status from toot tui.

Oh look ...
a Mastodon client ...
for Emacs...


I have been testing my ability to switch over to linux for everything the last couple of weeks and it is amazing.

I have tried this more times then i can remember but still wanted to go back to windows for certain games and more times then not did not use linux that often.

Now with and all the good work with and the amazing linux gaming community i have not been wanting to go back.

Thanks everyone that made this possible. You Rock!

I know the headline is "NPM joins GitHub", but it's hard not to read it as "Microsoft acquires Javascript"

Email account recomendations? 

Why is it that the communities around some programming languages are *so* much better at documenting their code/projects than the communities around other languages are?

Is it just that someone early on set a good/bad example and everyone followed?

(This toot brought to you by the discovery that has a -> js/python/php/go compiler (their "universal back end") and basically haven't bothered to *tell* anyone about it. )

I suspect a lot of my friends don't know how to cook (or not much) and maybe due to World Events right now are trying to figure out how to eat healthy at home for cheap and with little effort (and many are also vegetarian).

It so happens that I've optimized a lot of our eating stuff for such things (cheap, shelf-stability, fairly healthy, vegetarian, fast). Maybe I should start some repo documenting my food recommendations if there's interest...?

Perhaps I've been spoiled by PowerShell, but I don't understand why everyone in the Linux world seems to use abbreviated parameter names (i.e. -o instead of --output) in scripts and tutorials.

If you're writing commands in a terminal, fine. Use short parameter names. But if you're writing a tutorial or a script that other people need to read, _please_ use the longer, more readable parameter names!

Calling smartphone equipped teenagers 'digital natives' is a mistake because a smartphone makes you a consumer rather than a native of anything.

If you want a child to become a digital native give them an actual computer instead of a corporate controlled and curated consumer device.

survival trick:
If you set up a pihole for some non-techy family member it is wise to also save a temp-disable button to their browser bookmarks, so if pihole is over-blocking something they need they have a way to disable pihole for a few minutes.
That may save you some tech-support calls :P


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