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Re-learning Rust as a vector to using it as for game programming.

Big day updating my laptop: new versions of grep, curl, and linux

@mike @kevq just renewed my funding, this time via liberapay. Thanks for making this great!

Unbound caps lock and made it control. Let's try this out.

GNU/Linux on my desktop uses far less RAM than on my laptop (I have almost identical configs).

When idle, the desktop uses around 300-350 MiB, while the laptop stays somewhere in 700-800. This happened with Arch and is happening again now with GNU Guix.

Any of y'all have an explanation for this?

Blog if you can. Answer your own posts/emails if you find the solution. Writing about what you're doing will help other and probably yourself.

Oh, wow, I just had one of those classic new-to-linux experiences: finding myself in a text editor without any idea how to exit it.

And here I thought I'd outgrown all of those!

(But, seriously, Joe's Own Editor, ^K X to exit? That's … fun, I guess. You know, after I figured out what editor I was in.)

(Come to that, I still don't know *why* I was in Joe's. What's wrong with vi, anyway? (Or even Ed—I'd have known my way out of Ed!))

When a lot of queer and trans people shifted here back in August 2018 from Twitter, i commented that this was probably the first public social network that had this amount of trans people discussing things openly and safely alongside cis people and how groundbreaking that was in terms of normalising our experiences for all involved.

I still think this is the case today, which is why i feel its important we need to all collectively try our best to steer things here towards the positive.

Best practice question:

When writing an application that is configured via environmental variables, is best practice to treat variables set to the empty string the same as unset variables?

Intuitively, `FOO_PASS="" foo` *feels* like it should be different from `foo`—in the first, there *is* a password (the empty string) and in the second there is *no* password.

But the some people say to treat them the same,

Maybe because shells don't have a good way to unset vars?

I kind of like this idea (you know, minus Windows) of having a secondary e-Ink display on the outside for whatever. Notifications would be nice. A touch screen for checking mail. Etc.


Somebody's trying to brute force my blizzard account, and I don't know why. I don't have a credit card attached & I don't have any valuable characters. Also they are unaware of 2FA somehow?

Interesting discovery: I own a surface go, until recently it ran Windows 10. I could not watch youtube in full screen, because the hardware was to weak. At least that is what MS and YT said. It now runs Ubuntu 19.10. YT now works in full screen. Since clearly the hw was not upgraded, I would say Ubuntu does a lot less bs in the background than w10 getting more out of the system. Oh also, I geat about 1hour more batterylife...

TFW: You connect to a server, and it is out of disk space *so* badly that bash completion won't even work

Guix officially is my preferred GNU/Linux distribution.

Cool package manager. Great docs. Expressive Scheme API. Easy to write new packages. Super friendly community.

I wish more people used and contributed to Guix.

Just created my first pull request for an open source project. It's an amazing feeling to contribute to something bigger and is just really satisfying.

Do y'all have your TFA/OTP seeds backed up anywhere? If so, how do you do it?

I keep meaning to, but then I realize that I don't have a good place to back them up—putting them in my password vault feels like it would defeat the purpose

You know, I really love our community.

I'm sitting here, setting up a instance for a family member as a Christmas present, and it occurs to me that I should make sure it's fully backed up.

So I type "how to backup nextcloud", click "search", and find myself at @kev's post—which I'd somehow missed when he first wrote it.

Thanks, @kev!

Scrolling through my timeline on , it looks like I somehow boosted basically every toot without knowing it/intending to. Not sure what happened there—bug? Pocket toot?

Anyway, sorry if I spammed your timeline or boosted something odd!

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