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I just came across this very interesting (and slightly depressing) article from a few months ago about increasing IT security for election campaigns:

> I was part of an effort that delivered a basic, hour-long campaign security training… It was exciting! I traveled the country like Johnny Yubikey, distributing little blue security tokens from a sack.

> [Based on that, I have lessons for] you, the next person willing to take a swing at this piñata of futility.

Anyone want to be on my private leaderbord (sorted by Stars to avoid time pressure) for ? 544607-aee65c63

I've noticed a few technical writers starting a quotation with double backticks and ending them with double single quotes.

(So they'd say ``a sentence'' like that)

Is there a name for this practice/does anyone know where it came from or why it developed?

@codesections @alexbuzzbee

In all honesty, I don't think people actually need smartphones, they need PDAs and a separate flip phone.

I'm tempted by the Amazon Fire tablets... But there's no way I'd want to keep the stock OS on them. Are there any notable OS ports out there for those devices? perhaps?

Just spent a *very* frustrating hour figuring out why half (!?) of my passwords weren't accessible (but the other half worked fine).

Turns out I'd run into this bug the latest version of *sometimes* (?!) fails to decrypt properly encrypted files.

And, on the one hand, it's what I get for living in a rolling release distro.

On the other—they broke a core feature! In a patch release!

@sir, IIRC replacing this nonsense is on your (long) idea list, right?

A question I wouldn't have expected to ask only a couple of weeks ago: Can anybody recommend a client with good support for Linux?

Looking for some decent computer related mystery books, written by women, with a female lead

Any ideas?

Do any of y'all use /#mbsync to pull down emails via IMAP?

I have it *mostly* working. But I'd like it to pull down my emails automatically, in the background.

That's easy enough to set up…*except* that I have the password to my inbox secured with a yubikey. So, right now, there's no way to pull new emails without pressing the yubikey.

Is there a good way to keep that password in memory without sacrificing *too* much security? (I.e., I don't want it in plaintext)

As both @kensanata and @wizzwizz4 point out, the correct answer is probably to drop em dashes entirely when writing for monospaced font and switch to en dashes surrounded by spaces. I think I'll go with that.

The only question that leaves is how to treat things like emails, toots, and git commit messages – with those, I don't have any clear way to know what fonts readers will use.

(Testing out the en-dash-plus-space approach above, and I'm not a huge fan, visually…)

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Hey typography geeks!

What's your thought on spaces around em dashes?

I've always been of the opinion that em dashes shouldn't have spaces around them.

However, recently I've noticed that this doesn't work all that well in monospaced fonts (where em dashes, "—", are frequently not any longer than en dashes, '–").

And, many times (e.g., email) I don't know what font will be used. So I'm thinking about adding spaces as a general practice.


@purism says has shipped as of yesterday. Wondering if anyone has one yet (supposedly a lot of the US domestic ones were one-day shipping).

I'm planning to dive into for the first time (because a team is using it)

Am I correct that is pretty much the client I should run, or are there other clients I should consider/test?

When i explain federation and decentralization to people, i compare it with email.

Email can be hosted by any company, exposing a domain+server to the internet, then you must use their application/web to access it because of the old propietary software model, nowadays there is a lot of open source mail clients anyways.

ActivityPub is just a standard protocol, mastodon is a software that implements it for microblogging (like twitter)

Population of the world: ~7,700,000,000

Accounts in the database: 9,138,980,630

I realize those numbers aren't *directly* comparable, but it's looking like the answer is a global "yes".

My domain registration is about to expire, and I'm looking to switch providers. Any recommendations?

My only hard requirement is 2FA—my email is directed via, so anyone gaining access to my DNS registrar could man in the middle my email.

(I'm switching away from Google Domains as part of a long, slow, de-googling)

I recognize that this is a niche ask, but does anybody know of any #union #knife makers in the US?

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