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I didn't even know the Mycroft backend was closed until now but this is good news!

Anyone uses NAS devices as home users? Any recommendations?

I have feeling once I get my 32" monitor today I will want a second. Is there a display addiction number I can call?

> FSF is now working with GNU leadership on a shared understanding of the relationship for the future. As part of that, we invite comments from free software community members at

Does anyone in the fediverse actually have a #KaiOS phone? If I made #Pinafore compatible with it, would you use it?

Resurrecting Ancient Operating Systems on Debian, Raspberry Pi, and Docker

I wrote recently about my son playing Zork on a serial terminal hooked up to a PDP-11, and how I eventually bought a vt420 (ok, some vt420s and vt510s, I couldn’t stop at one) and hooked it u…

Anyone have experience with I am looking at options of migrating away from Wasabi (storage provider) to e.g. DigitalOcean Spaces, and I've got 3.5 TB of data to take with me somehow #devops

Anyone else have a situation in Gentoo where Chromium never finishes emerging?

god i wish programming communities had been like this when i started

who wants to write a MUD in Rust with me

> Ooof, time to be more secure, Emacs...

This seems…actually not all that bad? If I'm reading this correctly, all it seems to be saying is that is vulnerable to supply-chain attacks—of exactly the same sort that , or , or any other package repository is vulnerable.

If you execute code on your computer and that code is malicious, you're going to have a bad day, no matter the source.

Or am I missing something?

I was thinking how much easier it would be to keep track of my socks if they were attached to my pants and then I realised I was basically trying to invent tights, is this how silicon valley dorks feel when they realise their amazing new idea is actually a bus

When I made the choice to leave traditional social media (excluding Fosstodon), I read a lot of articles attempting to find out what it would be like. However, most of what I read was from someone just leaving for a few weeks as an experiment, not someone who had left for good.

Here's my attempt at writing a summary of my thoughts, why I left, the pros/cons, and what I would have done differently. Hopefully it will prove helpful to someone in a similar situation. 🙂

The finished result! This is still without the acrylic glass and two-way mirror sticker of course. I'll add that soon, as well as configuration of the modules on the screen. Fun project, 8/10 would recommend :)

The real draw of retrocomputing 

For me, retrocomputing is at least as much about "human-scale" technology as it is about nostalgia.

"Web-scale" is all about turning humans into a commodity, and I'm tired of being a commodity.

Hey ! So I started to translate the intro page for Regolith (not a user personally but like the project) into Swedish.

Are there any Norwegians, Danes, Finns, Sapmi-speakers or Icelandics in here who wanna translate the page into their languages? Just to help a small project out?

The text is short, and easy to translate.

if you want a synopses of who is on the fediverse; its people who would join internet forums for specific topics all jammed together into a not-actually-single social network. If we forget about federation, the functional difference is just how content is displayed and share.

But federation actually exists, so you got clusters of people with particular interests all in approximately the same space. We're federated GameFAQs.
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