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Hey! :) The Recurse Center is "funding Fellowships of up to $10,000 for women, trans, and non-binary people to work on programming projects, research, and art at RC this fall.

Apply by July 22nd and start August 12th or September 23rd."

This is an incredible opportunity – if you want to be part of a diverse, kind programming community, and spend three months focusing on projects close to your heart, this is your chance! Happy to answer any questions you might have! \o/

This is probably preaching to the choir here, but I love mastodon. I've never been more comfortable to just chat with random people since my days on an Ocarina forum in highschool. Its much more friendly than reddit.

I know that I'm probably in for pain either way, but any thoughts between ATT and Comcast as an Internet provider?

I'm looking to make a few changes as I prepare for a potential transition.

One of the things I want to change is my identity here on the fediverse. I have a new name in mind, and I'd like to get rid of the picture of the TV mast and have a picture of me that reflects my gender identity in a way that a photograph right now wouldn't.

To that end, I'd like to commission someone to do a profile picture for me. Does anyone have any recommendations? Boosts are fine.


> One thing that I wish Mastodon supported on a technical level though is transparency in mod actions. A page to list mod actions and instance blocks that is user-visible.

You know, I've been thinking about that. I think it'll be possible to write a program to do that once the moderation API lands in 3.0. And I just might write one myself, if no one else does.

I'm thinking it would be better to leave off the username, though, the way many CoC transparency reports do. Thoughts?

Additionally, if you’ve ever installed the Zoom client and then uninstalled it, you still have a localhost web server on your machine

This is why I put in a package anything needing more than user permissions at installation time, also why I do not want something like session startup other than ~/.profile and similar (and don’t even try to edit theses or it’s a permanent ban from my sandbox(1) config).

I'm messing about a bit with Glade. Does anyone have experience with it? I feel like it's pretty nice to work with once you "get" it, but that's still not happening for me (getting there though!)

Hey and users.

How do you handle multiple window managers / profiles?
I've got different workflows depending on what I want to do and where I'm working (desk with external Display or on a train/bus).
So I've got i3-wm and XFCE installed and would like to keep those separated, e.g. xfce tools not showing up in dmenu when launching applications from i3.

Any tipps for me?

None of you have ever gone THIS retro.... If I'm wrong, I REALLY want to hear about it.

"The Most Retro Way to Run Terminal Commands on Linux, Period - OMG! Ubuntu!"

I really don't want to start another heated debate here, but I thought it would be prudent to put out a statement on the whole 'Snowflakes' thing.

This will be the last I say on the matter; I will try to do better in future.

I'm falling (more deeply) in love with macros.

I just reduced the number of lines in a small file by 35% by adding a single macro.

And the file is, if anything, *more* readable than before: with the macro handling the repetitive parts, it's more clear where the differences are.

So, I guess all I can say is, `macro_rules!`

You mean this codebase is written in DNA? Woah, that's old! Who would ever want to use this thing!? Don't worry, I'll rewrite your dog in Rust!

I want to tell y'all something I love about .

We're small (<1000 weekly users), but we have a *huge* team of moderators: There are six of us—more than the team a!

That means that we pretty much always have *somebody* around to moderate.

It also means that no one person speaks for the whole instance. We have a whole team devoted to enforcing our CoC. We might not always agree, but we're all working to make welcoming for everyone

If you're interested in the nuts and bolts of how Mastodon/ActivityPub works.

"what happens when you activity post"

Anyone else getting bizarre slowness from , or is it just me?

For a desktop application, would there be any reason not to use AGPL? Conversely, would there be any reason to use it over GPLv3+?

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