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@craigmaloney it's a hill I'll die on. Every site should be printable without useless navigation, ads and other junk, no white text etc. It's a UX and a11y issue not enough people care about

Apropos of the outside world:

My books are DRM free.

Because DRM is stupid. @chmod777

> Right to repair is getting big, it's a tech movement that I think most people know about.

Interesting. That doesn't match my anecdotal experience. Non-tech people I know are much more familiar with privacy or election interference concerns (e.g., Cambridge Analytica); basically none of them have heard of Right to Repair.

Could this differ based on geography? I'm in the States and my sense is that Right to Repair is more mainstream /non-techy in Europe

> I occasionally get tempted to implement truly paranoid levels of cybersecurity

> I have a fire extinguisher in my apartment. Most people think I am paranoid. I think I am safe.

You're underestimating the level of security I'm talking about. I'm not talking about "using random passwords and saving them in a good password manager".

No, I'm talking about things like "buying a Librum Key to protect against firmware tampering". That's less fire-extinguisher and more living-in-a-concrete-house

I just got back into town after traveling a lot earlier in the month and so *finally* got my hands on the stickers! Proud to be a supporter of our great instance :D

Related question: how well do laptop stickers work as bumper stickers for a car?

"Unfortunately, one of these rules contained a regular expression that caused CPU to spike to 100% on our machines worldwide."


I occasionally get tempted to implement truly paranoid levels of cybersecurity totally unjustified by any realistic threat model I could plausibility face. (The "nobody cares" issue mentioned in this xkcd's ALT text )

Even though I know it's silly, I'm still tempted!

Is there any Rust serialization system that supports Serde, no_std, and alloc rather than heapless?

New GOG galaxy client:

I wonder why they don't make these FOSS, they don't have any DRM anyway and making them FOSS would make me feel less dirty about using it (I mean, it's on my gaming HDD with windows so some more proprietary abominations are not a big deal, but still)

Just found out about Matterhorn, a Mattermost terminal client. I think it's interesting that it exists, but I'm wondering what is leading devs to create a CLI for everything. I don't think I'd have a legitimate use for it, but I might install it to play around with it a bit.

I really like that with Wayland I can just switch to another TTY and run another Wayland compositor.

I Needed to test if test stuff on Gnome and being able switch between TTYs to get back to my normal window manager was great.

Without wayland I would have needed a VM to do that easily.

I wrote a beginner's guide to org-mode macros. Is it beginner enough? I hope so. I know I would find it useful!

Hi fosstodon! Newish here, looking for some good oss projects that might be looking for contributors, to continue improving my dev skills. Coding practice feels like running on a treadmill and work is work (love my job, but variety is nice 😁)

Any suggestions?

I'm thinking about building a desktop. When I've done so in the past, I've always stayed away from liquid cooling—the idea of water that close to my CPU just makes me nervous.

But I'm considering adding in liquid cooling this time. Any thoughts, pro or con?

Spent some time using service. Can’t say I’m a fan. Had to skip town back to fosstodon.

re: #spam
URL shorteners should be banned regardless :blobshrug:
some forums already do that

Little known fact! Most email services are hosted in the cloud.

More precisely in The Oort cloud; which is about 40 light weeks or so away. That’s why unsubscribing takes so long. #tmyk

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