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occasionally, I miss the time when you could just make a 500 line empty toot with something like "hope you had fun scrolling past this, loser" at the bottom and people would just boost it instead of unfollowing you because everyone was so hyped about this website

Is there any use to a car's auto features if your not running proprietary Google services on one's phone? Its not clear to me they work even with microg.

Getting a recentish preowned plug-in hybrid and every model Seems to have it. My last car was a 2012 model with none of this claptrap.

So my daughter has bought a large neon sign that says GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS from the local junk yard. Apparently it was in a Jackie Chan movie. She says it鈥檚 part of her long term plan to open a bar for introverts and quiet lesbians.

Meanwhile our house is bathed in its pink and orange glow and we are all pretty happy about this.


Yes, right now something related to terminals and the command line is trending globally (on the birdsite). Sure, it's Windows Terminal, but who cares. This just proves that the command line is here to stay because people find the CLI useful. It's not "old school", it's alternative.

Really enjoying using Tmux lately. It is extremely handy when you use more than one CLI app.

Have any of y'all tried out or for web apps?

I don't know clojure, but I'd be open to learning for a good framework

Yes, Patreon is a company which is used for funding creators in many contexts, reaching well outside of open source. However, anyone who thinks this makes changes to Patreon's financial model off-topic for forums about open source is wrong. By doing this you make it impossible to hold Patreon accountable for changes that directly affect the funding model for open source projects.

if you're having trouble visualizing the recursive centaur i've made this helpful reference

Have any of y'all tried out or for web apps?

I don't know clojure, but I'd be open to learning for a good framework

unironic meta take 

@dctewi I'm pretty sure 80% of npm is hipsters coding ironically.

There's a certain app architecture that I don't see all that often and I wonder if anyone knows why it's not more popular.

Here's what I have in mind: a local server web server that exposes a web-based GUI.

You see this sort of design with router configuration pages or, for example, the admin page. But it seems like it would be a good fit for a bunch of apps (including Mastodon clients)鈥攊t seems to have all the advantages of without the bloat

So why isn't it more common?

As much as I have been *strongly* critical o / 's move away from IRC, I have to admit that they're going about the transition in a thoughtful way:

I disagree with some of the views, but I admire the work and hope they can find an open alternative that meets their needs

@schlink yes, either that or str::from_utf8() (which borrows instead of allocating)

Actually, String is "just" a wrapper over a Vec<u8> (no, really! with a bunch of convenient methods that make sense for treating sequences of bytes as UTF-8 strings. The String::from_utf8_unchecked() method is zero-cost, it just takes the vector you give it ( and wraps it in a String, but regular from_utf8() has to check for the byte sequence being valid UTF-8.

Here's an interesting perspective: Code Is Not Literature

It addresses a puzzle:

> [So many programmers say], 鈥淧eople should read code鈥 but few people seem to actually do it. I鈥檇 be surprised if I interviewed a novelist and asked them what the last novel they had read was, and they said, 鈥淥h, I haven鈥檛 really read a novel since I was in grad school.鈥 Writers actually read other writers but it doesn鈥檛 seem that programmers really do, even though we say we should.

Hey dear #fediverse, any FLOSS web application for hosting #podcasts you're aware of? Thanks! cc @switchingsocial

OK, here's my #Rust script that attempts to help users safely generate QR codes from 32-character TOTP secret keys

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