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Update: #Purism changed the about screen in Librem Social Android

Hey y'all, I was recently let go from Purism and I'm looking for work. If you're looking for marketing, FOSS leadership, community building let me know. I have a host of secondary skill sets as well. Would love the opportunity to make your organization successful.

Anyone awake with a Matrix account? Trying to test a bug in the client I work on.

Just came across @awilfox's powerful argument for keeping projects on open communication platforms (instead of / / etc

It's a short post, but it hits all the right notes and I couldn't agree more

Does anybody know of a FOSS pinyin keyboard for Android? I'm struggling to find one... 😐

Does anyone have any audiobook recommendations? Good reader is as important as good book. (I've got a ~15 hour flight tomorrow)

Guix 1.0 is out at last! YEAH!
It even includes a "graphical" (read, curses-like) installer now! (The oldschool DIY route is still available if you like that though!) Lots of other stuff too!

Congrats Guix team!

Purism has posted a rationale behind their disabling of the local and federated timelines:

They have also decided to reinstate the ability to submit reports as indicated by Kyle Rankin, their CSO:

I have also updated my blog post towards the bottom with this information.

I am genuinely confused about how 's social network is supposed to work. They describe it as purely "opt in"—no local or federated timelines, just the people you follow.

OK, but how does the process get started? If I open an account there, how do I find the first 10 people to follow? Is the idea that people will follow "celebrities"/people who have publicized their handles off-platform? Or know other users IRL? I'm confused.

H/t @brandon


> I'm failing to see all the issues [with 's actions] as well. They forked software. Since when is that a crime? They rebranded and are reselling services. Where's the crime?… Who likes to work for free when they have bills and needs?

None of that is a *crime*, but it seems like it can be obnoxious/tacky. If I took , changed the branding, and sold it on Google Play for $0.99, that might comply with the license but would still be a jerk move.

"A Conspiracy to Kill IE6", in which some rogue YouTube developers helped push a bunch of users to switch to literally anything else.

@codesections I wrote a little Elixir code. It's just a translation layer, like CoffeeScript to JS, and hard to debug or do complex tasks without also knowing Erlang, which is a very weird functional language.

Clojure's a far more complete, self-contained universe; you don't really need to interact with Java at all. (I don't *like* Clojure, it's like going back 50 years in LISP and losing all the list processing tools.)

#elixir #erlang #clojure

Does anyone have that image of bad code that was going around the fediverse a couple of months ago? I don't remember the details, but I think it was and involved authentication, Moderation Discussion 

Will @purism change their marketing and language use to make sure people know what the upstream software is? Will they explain the choices they made regarding disabling reports on their mastodon instance? What will their policy be regarding upstreaming of their changes (historically pretty good, but doesn't seem promising as of now...)?

They're breaking the GPLv3 license terms of at least @Tusky, this launch has been nothing short of a disaster in my eyes if these issues are not addressed.

What's the relationship between and ? I know that Elixir uses the Erlang virtual machine, but I get the vague sense that there's a closer tie than that—is that correct?

(For example, uses the VM, but my sense is that the relationship between Elixir and Erlang is different/closer than the relationship between Clojure and Java. Am I right about that?)

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