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Just wrote some vanilla JavaScript (no libraries, for web, used the way it was intended) for the first time a while.

It's actually not that bad. I may add some (optional) JS to my rails apps now for niceties.

Gotta love the React's dangerouslySetInnerHTML attribute. Not every framework warns about security risks in their naming.

Related: is there currently no way to purchase DRM-free copies of O'Reilly ebooks? It looks like they're only sold through Amazon, Google Play and iBooks ( but I hope I'm missing something

Anyone have any thoughts on “Programming Rust" (the O'Reilly book)? I've read “The Rust Programming Language“ a couple times and am looking to go a bit deeper with my knowledge. Is Programming Rust worth checking out?

(I've also cheked out Rust By Example, the std library docs, and other similar online resources)

If Programming Rust is worth it, any thoughts on how well it works as an ebook versus dead-tree book?

It's been really nice knowing that my phone isn't as much of a surveillance device as it used to be. Running pure with no Google crap has been great.

Plus, when apps are made with the focus of accomplishing the task that they are advertised to do, rather than to accomplish some other underlying task, they tend to work better.

Here's something I've been wondering in the wake of the acquisition: Is it about time for one of the newer web servers to really catch on in the open source world (especially for simple sites—maybe even static ones?)

Nginx is a great server—I use it myself—but it's very much not in the "code over configuration" camp that seems particularly poplar these days. It seems like there's an opening for the right project to come in and win some users by being more FOSS and more fun.

Shorter but more jargon-y version of ^^^^:

Async code tries to solve both concurrency and parallelism with (many of) the same tools, but it helps to keep the two straight in your head.

Alas, the infinite must encompass all ware, mal and non-mal alike.

Twitter culture is complaining about Twitter. Fedi culture is also complaining about Twitter.

One of the reasons asynchronous code is challenging to reason about is that async can be solving two fundamentally different (though related) problems:

1) Hardware can only do a few things at once, but we want to pretend it can do thousands


2) Hardware can do multiple things at once, and we want to split our (conceptually serial) procedure up into parallel bits

Many of the same techniques/technologies are relevant to both problems, but they're still distinct (IMO)

Flowchart all the things!

Related: Does anyone know a good tool for automated generation of flowcharts?

Looking at latest launch of skype web working only on chrome and edge and this comment I think we should start labeling these developers as "Chrome Developers" rather than Web Developers

Are mariadb databases always a minimum of 2XX MB? I'm running two (one for miniflux, one for nextcloud). Miniflux just has a few feeds and I've never touched Nextcloud past initial setup. Both databases are over 200MB.


I am accumulating *such* a big collection of yak fur.

(Yak hair? Do yaks have fur or hair? I'd look it up, but that would be one *more* tangent)

Found a bug in my software. Discovered it's a problem in one of my dependencies. Reported it.

They decided it was a bug in one of their dependencies. They reported it.

Less than a week after the initial report: Bug fixed, then bug fixed, then bug fixed.

I've never seen that before.

Anyone familiar with robotics programming?
I am looking for a way to move a ur5 through a set of pre-defined points, but I think i will need to use ross.
Someone with any experience can confirm this? :)

‪From 46s to 5s - Optimizing a 350 Line Raytracer in Rust,

An excellent article to show how to optimize naive Rust code to get a fast execution and a low memory usage. Really an excellent article 👌. It illustrates well where Rust shines.‬

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