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I'd like to hear some thoughts and first impressions about my new project. Is this useful? A good or bad idea? Know of any projects that already solve the same problems better? Grateful for any feedback.

Hello people of the Fosstodon,
here is my third and last episode on Vim Basics, today on advanced and practical Vim tips!

Just learned about #vim's printfont setting, which can be used in the following way:

:set tabstop=29
:set printfont=consolas:h8

I did this because I wanted to format some homework for my databases class using tabs to align table columns. The large tab size needed caused the table lines to wrap, so I decided to lower the font size to make the lines fit inside the page.

What is your opinion about `(warnings)` in a rust crate?

Linux is about imagination:
"Linux... is... a huge collection of parts. A lot of steel struts, screws, nuts, gears, pulleys, motors, and a few suggestions on what to build. So you start to play with it. You build one of the suggestions and then another. After a while you discover that you have your own ideas of what to make... [Linux] takes on the shape of your imagination. It does what you want."

going to try my first :arch: install today.

♪ Hello introversion my old friend ♪

Want to learn Vim, but every time I try I fail. Advice?

Two views on software that are (somewhat) in tension:

1) The Unix philosophy that every program should do one job and do it well.

2) The idea that a minimalist program should not require a complex web of external dependencies.

Neglecting either side can lead to overly complex software, at least in my view.

CC: @sir, since you always have interesting thoughts on minimalism.

"Rendering on the Web" by Jason Miller and Addy Osmani

This is a good read on the state-of-the-art in Server Side Rendering vs Client Side Rendering vs everything in between. Interesting to see that they are explicitly discouraging SSR Hydration. It was a promising technology, but it looks like in the real world it doesn't actually give many performance gains, and leads to an "uncanny valley" where sites look interactive but aren't.

I made a dumb mistake in an update to `mn` (I created a config file, but forgot to create the config directory—crashing the program on every computer other than mine).

But! I had a wonderful user who submitted a model bug report:

1) Concise description of the error
2) Full error message
3) *And* full stack trace
4) Promptly followed up to confirm my fix resolved the issue

Nice, competent people are amazing!

keyboard porn 

Ok I am totally enamored with Qutebrowser... if only I had some easy guide on how to protect it better from tracking etc...
When I am done with this learning-python stint for a week - I will go back on seting up my i3 thing so I can reinstall the laptop and do it properly

Bees have learned how to add and subtract.

I might be wrong, but I'm *pretty* sure this mean we can now build a computer OUT OF BEES!

🐝 🐝 🐝

#todayilearned that you can execute a Normal mode command in #vim from any other mode by using the Alt key. So if you're in Insert mode and want to format the paragraph you're in, you would do Alt+g, release Alt, then w, i, p. What happens is Alt makes the given command exit to Normal mode before executing.

Fifteen years of Vim and I keep learning new shit.

The problem (wonderful thing?) with :

> "Oh, I think I'll try out the Fish shell".
... (hours pass)
> "Oh, this is *almost* perfect, but I can't quite get the prompt right"
... (hours pass)
> "Oh, ok, looks like I've just agreed to submit a PR to fix my issue with the prompt"

Is there any way to change the default behavior of tab completion in the Fish Shell? The default behavior (at least when there are many items) is to display the first few items and then text saying "and N more rows". Then, if you press <TAB> again, you'll get the rest of the items.

I'd prefer to just get everything at first. Anyone know if that's possible?

Relatedly, I'd appreciate any tips on must-have Fish shell plugins/prompts—and especially thoughts about what plugin manager to use.

I'm considering switching from zsh to the fish shell. Any thoughts, pro or con?

(If I do, I'll probably commit to a two-week challenge, just to give it a fair shake)

A member of the #Rust Core team is asking for documentation help!

RT @Carols10cents@birdsite:

Are you frustrated about all the old #rustlang book links linking to the foreword of the current edition of the book? We need your help! <3

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