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What's your favorite way to verb DuckDuckGo :duckduckgo: ?

Options that occur to me:
- "I DuckDuckGo'ed that"
- "I DuckDuckWent that"
- "I googled that" (meaning used DuckDuckGo, which annoys Google for trademark reasons
- Get brands out of the conversation entirely ("I searched for {X} on the Internet")

so uhh my laptop just got wiped so it's time to play my favorite game
its pick an os time
any recommendations? (obviously not windows)

Rust-lang, Looking for developers 

Has anyone used Dock Swarm in production? Looking for reliability opinions.

Anyone have any C++ / Documentation / Busy Work for their public Github this month? Participating in Hacktoberfest and interested in diving into my first (of hopefully many) PRs!

Anyone got a suggestion for a new series to watch?
Preferrably science fiction or horror, I'm out of ideas, and i don't just want to click the first "recommended" netflix suggestion only to come out disappointed.

Awesome to see progress on Firefox Wayland, a bit annoyed that it seems that it is redhat and not mozila the one driving it. This will probably force me to finally switch back to Firefox 👍

I just reorganised my Social and FOSS lists into "Interesting" and "Noisey" lists.

We really need better list management.

When looking at the TechEmpower web server benchmarks (, which of their benchmarks are most relevant to performance of a web server for hosting simple static files (HTML or json)? I'm guessing that "plaintext" is best, but I'm not really sure.

Relatedly, do any of these benchmarks get at memory usage?

(I'm trying to get a sense of best options for hosting huge numbers of static files on inexpensive hardware without running into either CPU or RAM bottlenecks)

"Calls between JavaScript and WebAssembly are finally fast" by Lin Clark

Lin Clark always does such amazing job explaining these concepts. It's also interesting to see that Firefox uses the same terminology Edge does, e.g. "trampoline" and "built-in."

Google are shutting down G+ in 10 months.

I'd like a list of #Federated / #Distributed alternatives generally. This for (numerous) G+ discussions on What Next.

#Diaspora (or alternatives)

... ?


Unfair statement: React is what XML dreamed of being but never quite managed to become

Introducing Canine Cloud!

I have written a short little intro to the new instance for pet parents! If you are a pet parent, check it out. So far there aren't many members, but the ones we have are pretty awesome! Check it out and share with your pet parent friends!

Disclaimer: I am the admin of Canine Cloud, just so you know.

If you haven't already, feel free to subscribe to my RSS feed to my blog!

Would #elementaryOS developers please stop using #Medium for their newsletters? We've got open, federated and less JavaScript-ier alternatives.

If you need Medium for engagement, make it a repost and clearly mark it as such.

Just discovered s-tui, a great terminal app for measuring CPU performance/temperature/throttling.

It's really cool and full of useful insights! For example, I discovered that my laptop isn't hitting any more than 3.0 GHz, even though it's rated for 4.0.

Related: any tips on fixing that?

Do I know anyone who's messed with developing in Forth? Or, like, vector displays?

First blog post with shiny new formatting and RSS feeds!


I haven't written things longer than emails since graduating uni years ago, so hopefully the flow is okay. Any feedback would be appreciated!

A shout out to /this corner of the fediverse for continuing to be amazing!

I really love that I can post about whatever nerdy topic I'm obsessed with today—whether that's , , best practices, or anything else—and get a ton of interesting, thoughtful replies.

Thanks, everyone!

Tonight was a good night. My wife and I were both free on the same night for once. We had a very plesent dinner and most of a bottle of wine.

And then got out my laptop and reorganized my vimrc.

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