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> This is fun! Sather, Scala, Scheme, Self, Simula, Smalltalk...

I haven't heard of Sather. What's exciting/interesting about it? (Wikipedia tells me it's an object oriented language originally based on Eiffel, but that doesn't really say what's special about it)


>> , and are all incredibly interesting languages. No other letter is as well represented!

> B, BASIC, Borune Shell, Brainfuck

Ok, fair, I guess I said "interesting" when I meant "exciting" – and B, BASIC, and Brainfuck are interesting (either for historical or other reasons), but not languages I'm excited to watch

What is it about the letter R?

, and are all incredibly interesting languages. No other letter is as well represented! :D


> She points out that not all contributions are equal – some increase maintainer time, not reduce it.

I hope to read the book soon, but is there a toot-sided way to describe the difference between contributions that increase maintainer time and those that decrease it (according to the author)?

(I'm guessing something to do with adding features that become a maintenance burden, but that might be missing a lot)

etiquette question:

What's the best way to mention someone on IRC without pinging them? On Mastodon, I'd just leave off the @


> Why even bother using languages that don't let you make your own operators?

What languages do you have in mind? My understanding is that allowing user-defined operators is still pretty rare – Wikipedia lists only a dozen languages that give you that option, for example.


Might as well add some

No matter how useless it is, $thing has been done. [ACME](metacpan.org/search?q=acme)

You could do $thing with macros. Once you give up looking at define-syntax-rule's documentation you'll find $thing in the standard library, but it's called $->not-unthinglet*


> The beach is bullshit, and the ocean is double bullshit. Rocks and rivers forever.


Response to asking "Why can't I do $thing" by programming language:

You can't do it for very good reasons. Here's a link to a 47-page RFC where someone proposed letting you do $thing, with discussions of all the reasons why it's bad.

Oh, you can't do $thing? I hadn't noticed – I've never wanted to do that. Well, if you *want* to, here's a few lines of meta programming that would let you do it. Oh, and if you want to do $thing a lot, here's how you'd add it as a new operator.

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> A quick view doesn't indicate it's able to be self-hosted, so...

Their pitch is that "no code is running on the backend". Doesn't that make it inherently self-hostable? Or am I missing something?

When writing software, I strive to write a series of extremely practical jokes

(cf. Alan Kay, _The Early History of Smalltalk_)

Perhaps a silly question: are there any decent clients for Android devices?


> I suspect these polls might not be very representative of any particular population, and I'm studying noise.

That's definitely a possibility.

Another possibility is that the population (some combination of the fediverse-at-large weighted by your followers/people reachable by boosts via your followers?) has changed somehow over the last year, in a way that shifts how likely people are to have heard of cryonics which … seems plausible.


> Top 3 favourite GNU/Linux distros go!

Hmm, that's tough. I have a few different lists:

Top 3 that I'm currently running:
:arch: Arch
:popos: Pop!_OS
:void: Void

Top 3 by how interesting I think they are:
:guix: GuixSD
:qubes: qubes
:tails: tails

I came across an interesting article on the HackerNews front page this morning: mikestone.me/twitter-got-hacke

This "Mike Stone" guy sure seems to have good understanding of Mastodon and !

( @mike, I hope your server is holding up ok :D )


> same old shit

I hadn't heard of that WM – from reading a bit about it, it sounds pretty nice :)

Just after a few days on Mastodon I already feel better than on any other social media in my life. The FOSS community is great, everyone is so nice.

Aight folks I had to migrate from pixelfed.social to fedigram.com

I'm @brandon now

Please boost :)

Tooting from :emacs: :o This is so cool!
github.com/jdenen/mastodon.el works perfectly, one line setup.
Once again, wins!

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