> You truly know a language when you can comfortably pun in it.

*something* *something* nill punning

Re: Hot Media Take 

It's been a while since I posted a #ScreenshotSunday but since I've recently switched up my desktop theme, I thought I'd show it off.
#Manjaro #Linux

In Rust, if you panic while panicking, the process will abort immediately because clearly things are too bad to even clean up.

I feel like this could be a metaphor for something.


^^^ makes me almost sad that I haven't bothered to set up audio on my laptop.

…*almost* :D

"Challenges in the Decentralised Web: The Mastodon Case" (PDF) emilianodc.com/PAPERS/mastodon

Interesting academic paper analyzing the fediverse and how different instances and users are connected to one another. It's cool that the Mastodon API is open enough that researchers can do this kind of work.

When you're rummaging through your kitchen drawer for something to close the cheese package with, that's an ElasticSearch

@craigmaloney It's well on it's way, sorta like how we have to install Linux on a Chromebook to run Java programs (in my case, Minecraft for gf's child who got a Chromebook as a gift.)

The irony of having to put Linux on a Chromebook to run a Microsoft owned program that uses Java is kinda the point, yes?

Sweet irony: "Ransomware Gang's Victim Cracks Their Server and Releases All Their Decryption Keys" slashdot.org/story/362038

I think Wine (and emulators in general) are going to be key for keeping control of our computers from being wrestled away from us. Personal Computing (not just PCs but computing in general) is being subsumed by cloud providers and subscription models and I for one am not about to give up the idea of Personal Computing.

If there's anything that I've learned from 30+ years in computing is that corporate interests are never in the users long-term interests. Ever.

@penguin42 @bugaevc

Doh, yes thank you both for pointing out the transcription error(s). That's what I get for retyping (rather than copy-paste-ing) when tired!

Well, now *this* is interesting: Paul Graham has just released (a spec for) a new called Bel: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

I don't quite know what to make of it, but can't deny being curious.

The only prediction I'll make is that it will continue to be popular on Hacker News!

"Your interests aren't mainstream enough. Here's something spelled similar" 😈

Fuck search engines


> nom or nim

Nom, the parser generator library (github.com/Geal/nom).

Nim might also be a good place to start if you planning to write a language, but I wouldn't know—I haven't tried Nim out (yet!)

I genuinely kind of surprised that this program compiles in . I get *why* it does (trait objects!) but it still seems a little weird/like support for heterogeneous arrays:

use std::fmt::Debug
fn main() {
let mut v: Vec<dyn Debug> = Vec::new();
println!("{}", v);

@alexbuzzbee @purism

> Okay, seriously, why has @purism not posted on their blog for over two weeks? It's a little alarming. Even if they don't have anything meaningful to say, just a "we're still here" would be nice.

Especially given that they "released" the Librem 5 two+ weeks ago and there still aren't any third-party reviews…I'm begining to wonder if they've actually shipped any to a non-purism employee.

(Though maybe the radio silence is about keeping a low profile until any reviews…)

What an endorsement!

> If you ever had the itch to write your own programming language, Nom is a good place for you start on that hard road to obscurity.

warning-warning warning 


> In my experience lots of people who don't watch the NFL regularly, get very mad when they hear about the whole take a knee phenomena.

That's fair enough. I'm not a football fan, an my extended circle includes mostly non-NFL football (i.e., college football) fans, and no one seemed that invested in it. But I <strikethrough>probably</> definitely shouldn't generalize from that sample


> I do hope all these gamers supporting free speech for Overwatch players, make sure they support free speech for NFL players next time that makes headlines.
Somehow I doubt we will get 1:1 correspondence there though.

I mean, the most common "call to action" I've seen from the Overwatch/Hearthstone stufl to boycott Blizzard.

If you're a gamer who doesn't watch the NFL (and I can't imagine there's much overlap in those audiences!), you can't exactly boycott the NFL, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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