If I was designing a new light weight markup language, what features should I include?


Agreed, if you're looking at re-implementing dozens of functions, then the weight of a library starts to make sense. I've found that I frequently want only one or two, which makes the weight seem more excessive—it's nice to be able to easily code a quick replacement if you only need a couple.

(I'm talking mostly about the client side; if you're writing server-side JS then pulling in libraries doesn't have the same page-weight costs.)

Anyone have any printer recommendations?

I'm looking for a relatively cheap, high-quality laser printer. Things I care about:
* Reliability
* Speed
* Text quality

Things I *don't* care about:
- Color printing
- Duplex
- Wifi
- Photo printing

My current leading contender is HP LaserJet Pro M402n (smile.amazon.com/HP-LaserJet-M) but I'd be interested in hearing alternative/opinions.

@outkine it's not strictly a CSS framework, but a lot of folks seem to be interested in Styled Components these days, especially if they're already into React.

And, in other not-really-frameworks topics, CSS preprocessors are perennially popular.

Does anyone have thoughts on what the current best CSS framework is? A lot of people seem to be using Bulma, but I'm new to this concept so I'm not sure.

@outkine I think it's also worth learning *to* implement those features, too, though. Not only is it good practice, it's also nice to be able to write a few simple lines of code and avoid a whole dependency

Since I couldn't find some active FOSS community on matrix, I created a channel on my homeserver, feel free to join ;)


Fixing bugs in my exporter, and adding some features. Currently testing each shader to make sure they behave the way they should when rendered. some values are still causing the render engine to crash when it has rendered for a good while. At least I can reproduce the bugs and get them posted in the pbrt bug-tracker later on. I also have to go through each shader and make sure they have the correct default value and min/max settings and such in the custom blender shader nodes.

@hund @acasajus

What's the advantage of making your own packages? Are you saying that it makes it easier to distribute software you write to other? Or is there a dependency-management advantage to putting your software into the AUR?

It has been on for over 5 hours so far. Running from a single 18650. I'm going to leave it running over night with a clock and uptime on screen so i will know when it runs out of juice. That's the beauty of epaper. I will know exactly what it was doing and when it loses power because it will stay on screen. (ง ื▿ ื)ว

Rhythm in Web Typography, betterwebtype.com/rhythm-in-we.

The article explains rhythm rules in typography, and how to apply them with Web technologies (i.e. with CSS).

Accessible to beginners.

Is there a gdocs alternative that is trustworthy? Something that lets me write, share, and have people see/edit all in one?

I'm inspired by @ChrisWere video from yesterday (link below) about ditching the smartphone. I tried and failed. Gonna do some real research and give this another go.

Main things I need to access are:
- 2FA codes
- My motorcycle tracker

Chris' video: youtu.be/XKnofgp6alE

Turns out even local video playback is broken for me on :elementary: Juno :(

Would this be a driver issue? Everything was working fine on Loki.

This Christmas, I'm going to set my father—a lifelong user—up with his first PC. What distro should I put him on?

I'm currently leaning towards Pop!_OS, in part because I'm relatively familiar with ubuntu and might be able to support it more easily. But I'd love to hear any other suggestions.

Seeing a lot of people on the interwebs post pictures of their elementary installs, and it's making me think about wallpapers. I wouldn't be surprised if the default wallpaper had a somewhat large impact on how much people like a distro. Would debian be more popular if it didn't have a somewhat old looking default wallpaper?

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