I just posted the first entry in the 2020 Raku Advent Calendar. It's about what makes such a great language to use for Advent of Code puzzles: raku-advent.blog/2020/12/01/da

If anyone gets inspired to try out after reading the post, I've also created a git repo to host Raku AoC solutions (with "getting started" resources in the README) github.com/codesections/advent

@technomancy > also, did you end up shifting the pinky columns down by one key so you can rest your finger on what's normally the Z key as the A key? I'm curious to hear how that would feel if you did try it.

I tried it for a day or so, but it didn't really work. The Z key is much lower than where the Kyrya has its A key, which looks like it'd about right, blog.splitkb.com/blog/introduc

What I've tried instead is to ban punctuation from layer0, which lets me keep letters off the Q, B, P, and ' keys


> I like the way you went from explaining the shift key into explaining fn as "another shift".


> have you heard of [Minimak]? minimak.org/

A bit, but I decided that, if I'm taking my time, I could aim at something a bit more extreme – so I'm working toward something inspired by the arensito layout, pvv.org/~hakonhal/main.cgi/key


> If you're doing Advent of Code in 2020, what language did you choose?

I'll be doing


I'm glad you liked it – and thanks for pointing out that typo, which I've now fixed

My review of @technomancy's keyboard kind of got away from me – it ended up at over 5,000 words.

What can I say? It's a *really* good keyboard, and it turns out that I had a lot to say!

My review: codesections.com/blog/atreus-r

HN discussion: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

I've always known that the human brain is *way* too eager to find patterns in random noise.

But there's something about watching my brain automatically attempting to construct meaning out of random program output – output that I *know* is random because I wrote the program! – that really drives that point home.

Do you guys remember that scene in Batman where Morgan Freeman destroys the crazy intrusive spying device because it would be unethical to use, then the next part where corporations and governments IRL thought "that's neat, we should build one"


> Isn't there some grammatical rule that you can't end a sentence in a contraction?

Maybe you know of one, but I don't.

I just came across this sentence:

> I don't know who you're.

As a native English speaker, that strikes me as grammatically incorrect, but I can't for the life of me figure out what rule it breaks.

Married White Male and Linux Enthusiast, looking for a svelte, minimal window manager (no primary tiling, please) that works great with a mouse or keyboard;

Likes simple configuration and window decorations. X or Wayland compatible. Must be able to handle multiple monitors (mostly just external) simply.

Serious responses only.


> no, for me [when using the ] the pinky rests on the A key. it's just resting in its fully extended position and only reaches downwards.

That makes sense, thanks!

> at least, that's how I use it. I wouldn't say there's only one right way, and maybe shifting the outer columns down by 1 is better for you; try it out and see for yourself!

Oh, I definitely have been experimenting and will keep doing so! I'm really loving this keyboard

@technomancy @kensanata @cadadr

> if you hold your hands straight on a conventional keyboard, you can't hit Q with your pinky; you can barely hit A with your pinky.

That's a good point, and gives me something to think about as I customize my Atreus layout.

Just for clarity, what keys do you view as the "home row" on the Atreus/where do you rest your fingers?

I'd thought it was ASDF BkSp Space (thumbs) JKL;

But it sounds like you keep the pinky one row down from there?

@technomancy @kensanata @cadadr

> well yes, but within the limits of human physiology! we can't get rid of the TGB / YHN columns entirely either; all we can do is minimize awkward movements.

Yeah, I get that.

But the Q and Y keys (in a QWERTY layout) are typically hit with a vertical movement of the pinky – at least the way most touch typing is taught. So saying to hit those keys with the ring finger is actually *increasing* diagonal motion from the baseline (hence my surprise)

@technomancy @kensanata @cadadr

> yeah on the Atreus the topmost outer pinky column keys are typically hit by the next finger over.

Wait, really? I'm very supprised by that – I thought that a big goal of the Atreus layout was to *avoid* diagonal finger movements?

> I'm starting to think that a QWERTY layout (with the normal asdf home row) would be more comfortable if the outer keys were shifted down like in the picture.…Or am I just somehow holding it wrong?

After a bit more experimentation and reading, I've concluded that "you're holding it wrong" *was* the correct answer in this case.

Specifically, I think I've been placing my keyboard ~8 inches too far forward, which changed the angles involved just enough to throw my pinkies out of alignment

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@cadadr @kensanata @technomancy

> Atreus' layout looks very comfy, tho didn't get to try yet.

It *is* really comfy. I'm working on a long review post right now, but the short version is that I love it!

> I wonder how it'd be like with a thinkpad "nipple" in the middle and 3 clicks under thumbs.

This wouldn't get you the TrackPoint™ Style Pointer (related m.xkcd.com/243/ ), but you actually *can* program the keys to send mouse clicks.

Data loss due to corrupt disks yesterday on two client machines.

👏 👏 👏 👏

Also: If you use Outlook. Offline PST files are time bombs. Back your shit up.

Back it up.

Do it now.

I'll wait.

Look, I'm even doing it with you.

There is no reason not to do it.

Back it up.


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