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> I am not a big fan of "grab it quick" language library repos. Not CPAN, pip, or any other. Yes, I realize it slows me down, but I just balk at them for some reason.

I'm very split on this. To a certain extent, I agree with you/have similar reservations. On the other hand, I like the unix-philosophy style approach of many small, simple composeable programs that each do one job. And language repos (e.g. Carog) help there

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> install gentoo

I've thought about it! This computer is a relatively under-powered laptop that I mainly use to SSH in to my old computer (it has hardware issues but still works via SSH; long story). So might not be the best fit.

But my (eventual) plan is to build a desktop to SSH into, and I'm leaning toward Gentoo or for that machine


> BTW, what attracted you to Void Linux?

Basically, that I'd really like to be able to understand my computer better. Void seems to do a little bit less automagically and thus helps me learn a bit more (probably not as much as going through a Linux from Scratch install, but I'm not sure I have *that* kind of time at the moment …)

I'm still getting everything set up, but I'll say that I've really liked it so far.


You know, now that I think about it, in might not have been perl itself that I needed to add but just installing through CPAN. It was a while ago


> What are you running that had but was missing ?

This was on my last laptop, which was running (or, well, I guess)

I'm currently using , which also doesn't have perl by default—though, again, I've installed it for a single application. (In this case tlp)

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> Perl has the advantage of being installed *everywhere*.

That's an interesting perspective. One of the reasons I wrote (which is a rewrite of xkpasswd with some added features) was that I was tired of installing for just that one program.

Anyone have any experience using as a scripting language / alternative?

I just skimmed their website, and the pitch sounds pretty good. But I'd love to hear from anyone who's tried it

Just a reminder that I'm working on an infosec/cybersecurity e-zine! Here's what you can expect from it!


This is still in the planning stages so I'd be extremely appreciative if you folk would boost and give feedback if you'd like to see this project succeed all the way to publication! :)

I always found fun and interesting. But I have nothing to sign or encrypt to make use of it. I guess that works out ok since I sure wouldn't want to have to back up those keys properly.


> I always found fun and interesting. But I have nothing to sign or encrypt to make use of it.

I also don't have a ton to encrypt, but I still use multiple times every day—I use it to manage passwords with and as a backend for SSH authentication

> I guess that works out ok since I sure wouldn't want to have to back up those keys properly.

It's not *so* bad…


> Given both options, does anyone choose to use a cloud over a home server?

I use both


Following a link from that page lead me to github.com/cbbrowne/tpp/blob/m which is a terminal/text based presentation tool (think "PowerPoint") .

I'm kind of tempted to try it out, though it'd need the right audience

@cooper @Stan. Interesting. Thanks—I've not yet dug into RAID, but it's on the list


> Can we amend FOIA so that as long as they haven't answered your request you're allowed to scream at them?

I think that, if the First Amendment means anything at all, it'd better mean that you're allowed to scream at government officials

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> I'm a big fan of UnRaid. Great shell OS that supports docker containers, VMs, and a parity supported JBOD array.

I hadn't heard of before. From a quick glance at their website, it looks like their software isn't free (as in beer or as in speech). What makes them worth it?

Anyone here (I guess most of you) having their own NAS? How secure is it and how easy can it be secured?

I’m thinking of buying Synology to move all my personal files, photos and etc on it.


> My local library is setting up a digital maker space, including an open-access 3D printer.... It has just occurred to me that I could custom-print my own dice for tabletop gaming....

Do you think the weight/balance would be right? I don't know anything about 3D printing, but I know I'd be suspicious is someone showed up with homemade dice—especially if they started rolling 20s!


> I ordered the cheapest monochrome laser multifunction... $319. Yeah, still not cheap. But I've cumulatively spent that much on ink jets over the past 5 years.

Why was the cheapest one that much?

I know I paid not a whole lot more than half that for my monochrome laser printer (but maybe I'm missing out on some multifunction abilities? Not sure what all that includes)

"This tutorial is meant to be understandable to all new users, so if you found something unclear, don't sit and blame yourself - complain!"

I've always liked that line

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