Tracking for the in the mail is both encouraging and infuriating. I know they said it wasn't accurate, but part of me just can't wait to put on it.

Whichever Amazon employee named the ecosystem around their smart speaker the "Alexa skills kit" missed a golden opportunity to call it the Amazon Echosystem

> Seems like a pretty cool project. "Elementary Dear Mycroft"

I had a moment of thinking that someone had gotten elementary :elementary: running on a (what would that even mean?)

The actual project ("to add a smart switch to a plug-in light and build my own mycroft based smartspeaker to toggle it") is much more practical and, as you said, very cool!

… I *really* need to get out of the Echo ecosystem ASAP


> I really need to try out stumpwm or guile-wm

I really, *really* like . I ended up moving away from it because it had some stability issues on my machine, but I love what it's trying to do.

(In fact, I've sunk quite a bit of time into hacking together a personal system using that emulates stumpwm. I'd say that I'm 50–80% of the way there, but still have a fair bit of work to do)

I'm not sure what it says about the state of programming as a profession that the front page of HackerNews currently has two posts about procrastination and one about ADHD.

… but, whatever it says about the field, I guess that it probably says it about me, too!

Is there a way to atomically exec() and seccomp()? Just trying to figure out a good way to run binaries in a restricted environment. I don't intend to, like, download and run arbitrary untrusted binaries or something crazy like that.

@FiXato @kelbot @cwebber

> well, terminal-phase is the only package I installed, but, `raco pkg show` shows [135 auto-installed packages not shown], which feels like a lot to me.

I just checked on a clean install of Racket (i.e., with no packages manually installed), and `raco pkg show` lists 194 packages installed.

After installing Terminal Phase, it shows 17 more packages, which doesn't seem like a lot to me.

(But then I program mostly in , which likes small, single-purpose packages)

I don't think mobile Linux is ever going to become mainstream like iOS/Android. But it's enough for me if it's available to those who want it.

Some things that I find really nice about going back to Plasma: Dolphin is a nice file manager, kdeconnect is awesome, yakuake is a really nice drop-down terminal and I love drop-down terminals.


> I'm forcibly reminded that some books simply require more intelligence than I have. At no point in my life was I smart enough to read him properly.

Imo, the best (smartest, most insightful, etc) writers have the *clearest* prose. A lot of people come away from a dense text very impressed with the author, but I nearly always have the exact opposite reaction.

> I'm installing terminal phase with "raco pkg install terminal-phase" and it is installing approx. 8 bajillion dependencies. Is this normal?

I had a similar thought, but then I counted and it had only installed 17 dependencies, at least for me.

raco pkg seems to be very … explicit … about exactly what it's installing.

Oh look, @cwebber's Terminal Phase is on the front page of HackerNews:

Very cool—I hope it brings some well-deserved attention!


> Winter in the south. They salted a solitary frozen “puddle” [image]

Odd, my experiences with winter in the south have been more along the lines of "Salt? On roads? No…"

Seeking feedback on proposed design changes for - see attached images for the before and after respectively.

These changes would bring up to spec with WCAG2 accessibility recommendations.

@sir I love how easy it is for me to just add a library I have a decent reason to trust in JavaScript.

I hate how easy it is for other people to just add a library I have no reason to trust in JavaScript.

I don't think the two are reconcilable.

Software is post-scarcity tooling. Strip the paywalls; underneath they have always been a new order of labor-saving device, one that can be infinitely copied and infinitely shared. Rich promises live in its possibility; promises the rich have betrayed, possibilities they have squandered.

@yisraeldov @blunaxela

Yeah, I *do* keep hearing good things about x2go. But the process for getting it built properly for seems to have stalled (

Maybe that will be what convinces me to actually put the time into learning Void's package system (I've also heard good things, but haven't crossed that bridge yet)

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