> One of the worst things that could happen to the fediverse is for it to be seen as a place to join to have an audience. That it isnt is its key differential advantage as a social media platform

I mildly disagree (at least for the Mastodon-adjacent corner of the fediverse)

Imo, Mastodon etc are *microblogging* platforms – that is, a broadcast medium for sharing words/pictures with readers. And I post here for the same reasons I blog: because I have something to say




> [its better to] mak[e] an account because you want to post, and maybe *connect* with *people.*

Blogs have comment sections and Mastodon has replies – and both allow for a little bit of connection. But only a little.

If someone really wants to connect with me as a person, they should send an email or say hi on IRC/Matrix/Mattermost/etc – Mastodon is mostly where I read/post dumb jokes ^W^W interesting tidbits that are too short for blog posts


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