I've got a new blog post: _Following the Unix philosophy without getting left-pad_, raku-advent.blog/2021/12/06/un

It's part of the Advent Calendar, but I tried to write it in as language-agnostic way as possible (and I actually spent more time talking about than Raku. and also get a few mentions)

And now there's a followup to ^^^^
Unix philosophy without left-pad, Part 2: Minimizing dependencies with a utilities package, raku-advent.blog/2021/12/11/un

I intended part 2 to be shorter, but it ended up nearly 2× as long. And, the thing is, the main topic I went on about was the value of concise code!

… I might have a problem.


Hmm and my post ^^^^ is, oddly enough, now on the HN front page – even though it I didn't submit it and hardly anyone has upvoted it.

I guess no one is online this time of morning-ish on a Saturday?

@codesections and according to the bot, was submitted 3 minutes apart from your post.


Hmm, something doesn't make sense with that. The HN timestamp is 2021-12-11T11:42:29 (from hovering over the "9 hours ago" text) and the timestamp of my toot is 2021-12-11T13:47:59Z (from inspecting the date on the page for that toot, fosstodon.org/@codesections/10 )

So I guess the HN bot is slow? 🤷

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