Spoiliers for a ~decade old conference talk 

I just watched Gary Bernhardt's 2012 talk, A Whole New World, which has the gimmick of him pretending to have written a text editor and terminal emulator – and then revealing the trick to make the point of how surprising it'd be if he'd actually done so, because no one goes that deep.

From here in 2021, though, I was thinking "oh, _another_ terminal?" Like kitty/hyper/alacritty/zutty…

Does that reflect a large sea change since 2012, or a coincidence?

re: Spoiliers for a ~decade old conference talk 

@codesections Hmm, there have been new terminals for ages. First you had xterm, then a bunch that either tried to fix missing features or be more minimalistic, like mlterm, rxvt, aterm. Then a bunch of terminals for the desktop environments and a few because those were too big -- konsole, gnome-terminal, xfterminal, sakura. And now a bunch that try to harness the GPU.

And editors? A whole bunch every single year.

But compared to how many developers are there in total it's always been a miniscule amount.

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