In every programming language I've ever heard of, program control flows left→right and then top→bottom. That is, this psudo code:

{ print "1" } { print "a" }
{ print "2" } { print "b" }
{ print "3" } { print "c" }

would print 1a2b3c

Are there any languages (even eso-langs/DSLs) that invert that order, so that the above would print 123abc?

It occurs to me that a left-to-right control flow would be a good fit for a lot of "pipeline" type data work, and I'm curious if anyone has tried it

@codesections There is the apl "family" of languages that go from right to left.
@codesections Just see this ->
In apl, data flows through procedures from right to left.

Some esolangs have 2d execution flow if you're interested.

@tequillaThirst @asterope

> APL is an underrated gem

Strong agree. In fact, despite my commitment to free software, I came within a hair of seriously committing to programming in Dyalog APL (a proprietary language) because it's just that good.

(But then I discovered which – despite taking a vastly different approach – gives me much of what I loved about APL while also being *extremely* open source)

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