If you didn't see this talk about the browser, it's well worth checking out – they've made amazingly fast progress over the past few months (I basically didn't recognize it from ~6 months ago, though in fairness it did had a different name)

@codesections thanks for posting this looks fun, @gavcloud was the first one to show me #Vimperator and I ended up using #Qute browser for a while. I really like the idea of browsing the web in a more interactive fashion that this enables.

@liaizon @codesections been meaning to check this out. i basically can’t use a browser without my #tridactyl config


- Can I use VI bindings?
- Nyxt supports VI bindings.

Yeah ok I'm in


It could be late evening and I could be tired, but how on earth do I focus on input fields in Nyxt?

That is, I can "follow" a field but I can't type in it, even after powering up Insert mode.

@codesections Apparently, Nyxt fires up insert-mode when you click on an input field. What I'd like to have is 'following' a field just like a normal link and Nyxt detecting what it should do. Maybe I'll tinker with it when I have time.

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