Hey folks: the Fosstodon CoC is always important, but it might be *especially* important today. A few quotes to remember:

* Fosstodon is *not* a free speech zone
* Fosstodon is *not* an advocacy space
* Do not be intentionally antagonistic
* Do not post about inflammatory, controversial subjects without a Content Warning.

Full CoC:

Be kind to each other out there, and generous with your use of Content Warnings!

> [when the CoC says "Fosstodon is not an advocacy space"] what is an advocacy space? Does this mean no politics?

No, it doesn't (though it's generally better to put most politics behind a CW – see the rule about controversial posts)

But it means that Fosstodon isn't the right space for political *arguments*/for advocating for a position and changing minds through suasion.

(As the CoC mentions, advocacy like that is important/good. This just isn't the right place for it)

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