Do any of y'all have a naming scheme you use for hostnames/servers, etc? Something like “stars in the IAU catalogue” or “harry potter characters”?

I know that memorable names goes against so-called modern best practices (cattle, not pets and all of that), but I'm still thinking that I may start using some system like that.

There's a list with a bunch of ideas at

@codesections at work, everything is generalized, but at home most of our servers and workstations are named after greek or norse gods, with a couple of exceptions from when we were feeling a little silly (obelisk, catbus). my phone, for example, is almost always named hermes.

@codesections Always fictional place names, countries/worlds for servers, cities for desktop or phone.

@codesections I usually go for the weeb option: anime characters. At one point I had servers confusingly named mahoro, miharu and mahiru, just to keep myself awake during sysadmin tasks.

In my research group we name the HPC clusters after Nordic deities, like Thor, Odin, etc... (they have a large pantheon).
Our workstations are named after Dragon Ball Z characters like Vegeta, Bulma, Kakarotto, etc... (There are also more than enough characters to scale for a research group).

@codesections I previously used "fun words (or names) that begin with A".

@codesections I name my machines after Star Trek character. My only server so far is and my new laptop is When my Librem 5 turns it'll probably be and if I finally follow through on converting the old Mac Pro we have into a home server I'll have to come up with another.

@codesections I only adopted this system recently and hosts configured before I did have systematic names of the form alm-<os>-<number>. My iPhone is alm-ios-04 and my old laptop is alm-void-02.

@codesections Okay remarkable typo levels

s/turns/turns up/

odd naming schemes 

@codesections Oh my gosh. Those conversations…

A: "I can no longer access AIDS"
B: "Have you tried to use HIV as jumphost?"

Who comes up with such a naming schema?

odd naming schemes 


That one would certainly lead to pretty awful conversations. Still, I might prefer it to

@codesections "slovakized" names of the brand / model of the PC. HP is "hapecko", Lenovo is "ajbiemko" (because of IBM), Fujitsu is "fudzicu", Macbook is "mekbuk", etc.


> I like that website AND it has the scheme I happen to use, Kewl.

Really? But many of those names are so _long_. Do you really type something like

> ssh ravished_by_the_sheer_implausibility_of_that_last_statement


@codesections lol no! I tend to use the shorter ones, or tweak /etc/hosts.
They can be quite appropriate on occasion. My son's windoze pc happens to be Nuisance Value...

@codesections I use whatever cyberpunk character names that don't conflict with names already taken by people in IRC channels. right now there's: lin (drugsandwires), batou (ghost in the shell), enzo (snowcrash), maggie (the matrix) and there used to be molly (neuromancer), jane (ender's game series), spider (transmetropolitan), and armitage (shadowrun).

@codesections one ...funny let's say, scheme that one of my past teams used to name deployments was dead princesses. Joking around it could go weird. "We just shipped lady d".

@codesections as for cattle and pets (and the k8s insects) , I think we still have enough identifiable machines to be able to care. Yes, the app is in k8s, but the cluster itself has some steady nodes. Not counting all the personal things like laptops etc.

@codesections fwiw my current scheme is prettyboring. Battlestation, destroyer, carrier etc.

@codesections I've used the Sandman universe as my theme for over 20 years now. Originally my local domain was 'faerie' and my hostnames were different characters (but excluding the endless).

One time I moved and left the router with my old room mates, so switched to the domain 'dreaming', which is still the hostname for my router and also my local domain and ESSID.

@codesections at work our scheme is liquors and cocktails, but I'm actually thinking about some more wholesome theme to replace it right now.


Mine is on the list: computer characters. Skynet, megatron, galvatron, cykill, inferno, wotan, eve, leader1, t1000....

@codesections After depleting some previous themes, I ended up with Royal Navy ships. Those should last a lifetime.

@codesections There are enough choices that you can even do subthemes.

@codesections The "Seven Dwarves" is a good one. Chosen well, the names can be descriptive e.g. Grumpy could be the firewall. 😊

@codesections I tend to use Dr Who characters mostly; I've had Tardis, Davros, dalek, and ood (although oddly, my current machine, Major is due to a misremembering of The Brigadier)

@codesections, mine are physics and optics terms. I’ve had mirage, albedo, and photon. Currently have lens and dispersion.

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