Web Design & Carbon Impact: cmhb.de/web-design-and-carbon-

Seems to meet the consensus I've been roughly seeing elsewhere... And that I understand from the theory!

1. Reduce Images
2. Optimize Images
3. Reduce Video (Also: please add a download link...)
4. Font Selection & Optimization (I'd say, sure use webfonts if it gets you away from excess images!)
5. Write clean code
6. Use Less JavaScript
7. Use Server Caching
8. SEO


> Web Design & Carbon Impact: cmhb.de/web-design-and-carbon-
> …
> 8. SEO

The others seem fine, but I call BS on that. The post says:

> When optimising a site for search engines, we are helping people find the information they want quickly and easily. When SEO is successful, it results in people spending less time browsing the web looking for information

But that assumes that no SEO ever results in *less* relevant sites being ranked highly.

That strikes me as …wildly implausible

@codesections True, I don't have much faith in modern search engines. That's a large part of what led me to start developing Odysseus!

On the webdev side it may be beneficial to implement the SEO, but on the web surfing side it's probably detrimental. If for no other reason than the complex linguistic query triggered by most requests. Other sites are more cachable!

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