Perhaps a silly question: are there any decent clients for Android devices?

@codesections If you use Quassel, their mobile client is great :)

@codesections I used to install Andchat, which was nice, but is now discontinued/abandoned, I think. Nowadays I simply run irssi inside Termux.

@codesections technically not an Android client, but TheLounge plays beautifully on mobile screens.

If you also have an always-on device to which you can connect, you could also consider running #WeeChat on that, and connecting to that over its own relay protocol through one of the remote interfaces such as #WeeChatAndroid, #GlowingBear, #WeeChatRN, or #WeeCloud:

@codesections I use "Revolution IRC" from F-Droid. It didn't get any updates for a while (about a year) but a rebuild of its UI seems to be in the works.

It has a nice UI and was so far very easy to use. Here's the GitHub repo:

@codesections someone's already mentioned glowing bear. an approach that was working well for me while i had a functioning keyboard phone was to mosh into my weechat box inside termux, although it wasn't exactly kind to my battery life.

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