Good to remember:

> Let’s face it. You are not Google scale and you never will be. Stop cargo-culting technology just because “Google uses it” and therefore “it’s an industry best-practice.”

@codesections Sincere question: what reasonable alternatives are available? As in having the features of protobufs (binary serialization, schema, some backward/forward compatibility, maps/unions, ...) with none of the downsides?

@michal @codesections I have an old and long-lived thread at… based on an even older thread on a server that no longer runs, just listing all these binary formats. It's mainly about self-describing formats, but many schema-based formats were discovered along the way.
@codesections @michal I would *love* for someone to compare and contrast Protobuf, FlatBuffers, schema-mode MsgPack, gob, Colfer, BARE, Cap'n'Proto, SBE, Thrift, Avro ...
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