In an effort to eat less frozen/super processed food, I'm collecting "oops, I forgot about dinner" emergency backup meals.

To qualify, a meal should be one I can cook in <45 minutes without getting groceries (so, using either non-perishable ingredients or ones I'm likely to have at home)

So far, I've come up with: shaksusha
pasta + tomato sauce + frozen vegetables
burrito bowls
stir fry/fried rice
mac & cheese (not from a box–that wouldn't count)

Do any of y'all have other suggestions?


(Oh, I should have said re: ^^^^: I'm currently looking to add vegetarian[0] meals to that list. Feel free to chime in with ones with have meat in case others are interested, but those recipes won't go on my list :) )

[0]: ovo lacto vegetarian, if we want to be technical – eggs and dairy are fine, but no meat (including fish)

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