In an effort to eat less frozen/super processed food, I'm collecting "oops, I forgot about dinner" emergency backup meals.

To qualify, a meal should be one I can cook in <45 minutes without getting groceries (so, using either non-perishable ingredients or ones I'm likely to have at home)

So far, I've come up with: shaksusha
pasta + tomato sauce + frozen vegetables
burrito bowls
stir fry/fried rice
mac & cheese (not from a box–that wouldn't count)

Do any of y'all have other suggestions?

(Oh, I should have said re: ^^^^: I'm currently looking to add vegetarian[0] meals to that list. Feel free to chime in with ones with have meat in case others are interested, but those recipes won't go on my list :) )

[0]: ovo lacto vegetarian, if we want to be technical – eggs and dairy are fine, but no meat (including fish)

@codesections pasta+poached eggs+frozen peas, all in one pan of boiling water


> pasta+poached eggs+frozen peas, all in one pan of boiling water

Interesting! I'm having trouble imagining how that tastes – are the eggs poached soft enough that the yoke is still runny and flavors the pasta?

@codesections Yes if you get the timing right and lucky that you don't burst the yoke as you drop it into the water. :-) drain the whole thing out into a bowl, add some margarine/butter/oil etc and then you can split the eggs so they ooze over the pasta and peas


> add some margarine/butter/oil etc

*now* I can imagine how that all comes together :D

Sounds really good, actually

@codesections Buttered noodles with breadcrumbs/parmesan and dried parsley is one I've used during exam crunch time.

Also, perogies are really easy to make and freeze for when you need them later.


> Lentils. Works every time.

What do you do with them? I keep meaning to cook more lentils (I really like them!) but never have used them that much.

Do you used canned ones? Remembering to soak dry lentils would disqualify them from the "oops, I forgot about dinner" category

@codesections if you use red lentils they cook in 20 minutes. I tend to add olive oil, onion, garlic, chili, whatever else I’ve got lying around. Bonus points for coconut milk at the end :-) super easy, can’t go wrong. And the longer you cook the better they get :-)

@codesections oh, forgot to mention: these are the dried lentils I’m talking about, never tried the canned version

@codesections Bean stew. Cans of whatever mix of beans and lentils you have around + canned tomatoes + seasoned with herbs. Serve with crusty bread or rice.

@codesections omelette with onions (they last quite long, and you can find frozen ones too), mushrooms (canned), peppers (cooked, in jar), canned chopped tomatoes and other frozen veggies (spinach goes nicely as I discovered today).

Risotto with shrimp and mussles (frozen), mushrooms and onions. Cook with white wine.

Tuna salad with mustard, onions, corn and whatever other veggies you may have (fresh or frozen)

Make lasagna and freeze them. Cook when hungry.

@codesections I highly recommend making big batches of pasta sauce or curry, then freezing in flat blocks in freezer bags. Defrost in the pan while the pasta/rice cooks. Super easy.

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