There are a couple of live streamers who announce upcoming streams on Twitter. Since I don't have a Twitter account, I typically miss the streams (and just watch the recordings).

Is there a non-obnoxious request I could make for an alternate announcement method?

"Could you also create and use a Fediverse account" feels like a bit too much of an ask, but I'm not sure what to ask for instead. RSS? Email?

Or nothing, and just build a Twitter bot at some point?

Weird, that isn't what I wrote. I asked if the streaming Services don't provide notifications.

@codesections You could ask them to set up a Twitter/Fedi bridge. That way, it'd be under their credentials, so Twitter's less likely to ban it.

And then they'd have an easy out when Twitter gets too bad for them.

@codesections I read a couple of twitter feeds through RSS via e.g.

Works without signup, phone no. etc. No push notifications, but I wouldn't want them anyhow.

@codesections Well, you can't officially get a Twitter->RSS feed anymore. But you can load the user's page with a bot that says it's a browser and scrape it.

@codesections you could try following their handle or if your instance doesn't block these instances.

@qwazix @codesections Wait, are those automatic?

I always thought they were placeholders to point out things coming from birdsite!

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