I just read a post where a programmer said:

> 90% of what I learn at one job is completely useless for the next one.

That hasn't been my experience *at all*. Even when I went from attorney -> programmer, I'd say at least 50% of the skills transferred. Is your experience more like mine, or more like the one in the quote?


@codesections Maybe they are referring to business rules?

Like, what you learn on a law company is not totally transferred if you move to a renting company.

@codesections It's always more transferable than I expect.

Lots of the things I learned impact my ability to learn and understand new concepts because they are usually similar in some way.

@codesections You're doing it wrong if you're only learning skills that would be useful for one specific job at one specific company. I'm not a programmer, but most of my skills transferred between jobs and they have been pretty different jobs. You can't pigeonhole yourself.

@codesections I'm more like you. Plenty has transfered, even from my previous career as an airline pilot.

@codesections I feel like every place I have worked has been the perfect match to continue learning from where I was and to bring me where I was going next.
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