"A developer should primarily care about producing value, not code. Value for himself, value for the others, value for the clients or companies he works with. What does producing value means, for a developer? Being aware about the business domain of the company he works with, to translate it correctly in software."




> "A developer should primarily care about producing value, not code.…" thevaluable.dev/page/principle

That page contains a lot of individual sentences that I cannot disagree with, exactly.

It nevertheless has a sort of MBA-esque vibe that creeps me out.

IMO, software developers are craftspeople and should ideally care deeply about their craft for its own sake. Yes, creating something that helps others is great, but someone who is *just* focused on that still gives me pause.

@codesections I get a lot of that from that blog. It feels a little corporate-focused, but generally has great advice!

@codesections @alcinnz confining development to “value generating activity” is precisely why things like security, privacy and accessibility are missing from most products

@elliptic @codesections Yeah, there is a problem with how our field perceives value. It's value for the majority or value for "us", rather than value for everyone.

There was another blogpost discussing that, amongst other things that went over my head, I linked to somewhat recently.

@alcinnz @codesections I'm fairly jaded also, having been in several orgs that from the BODs down through the CEO to me consistently made it clear that anything that didn't generate revenue was not important. If you're an exec, you have to walk out of the room agreeing with that or you have to quit.

If Zoom (for eg) isn't ultimately punished for its lack of security, it'll just signal to corporate boards everywhere that deferring security is normal and won't hurt your future success.

@elliptic @codesections I get a similar impression from the relative outside. (I contract for mostly NZ & Aussie government departments)

The sheer prominance of surveillance advertising, DRM, and "streaming" really speaks to businesses being more keen to make a profit than doing any real innovation or good.

@alcinnz @codesections

Yeah. Well, in the private sector anyway, after I was approaching 2 decades of time ... I've been in the room enough to know what goes on.

There comes a point when you've seen enough that it's time to decide whether you want to play along (and *maybe* take a conscientious stand against it when you're hypothetically a billionaire) ... or say, fuck the money -- I'm going to risk poverty and quit and not be part of that problem.

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