I currently own one Raspberry Pi. If I buy another, which of the following statements would be correct?

A) I would own two pi's
B) I would own two pis

Or, inspired by phrases like "attorneys general", I guess I could go with "I own two Raspberries Pi"

(I realize a couple of y'all suggested "two raspberry pi", but that one isn't as much fun :D )

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So, under this naming scheme, if I buy a third Raspberry Pi, I guess I'd say I own 1.5 taus?

(Or maybe 1.5 tau's? I'm not sure "taus" looks much better than "pis")


> xkcd suggests "pau" but I think he's not serious.

No, but that's for the number halfway between pi and tau (~4.712). I was talking about buying what I'd have to say if I bought a third raspberry pi. (so, around ~9.425)

I guess I could go with "I own two paus". But then I'd be confusing, cryptic, and *still* using a word that looks goofy in a plural!

@codesections I answered with confidence because I hate 's for plural, but I'm not totally sure for product names like this. :)

@codesections Two pis, but two π's.

Well, strictly speaking, two Pis or two Π's.

@codesections it's probably the only one that makes sense though. boring, yes. making sense can be boring.

@codesections well I'm probably dumb, but I've been thinking of referring to them as Raspberry pies, even though I know they aren't named after baked goods.

@codesections I would own two RasPi boards.

Checkmate. :P

(Seriously, though, that's probably how I'd write it. I'm a bit of a nitpicker about my own use of language.)

@cn @joshuanozzi @codesections I just returned to my desk early from lunch to say offloading the problem as "Two Raspberry Pi computers" is probably the best answer, assuming the foundation doesn't list a plural. Should check that.

@cn @joshuanozzi @codesections I'm a big believer in RAIDRCSU.

(…requiring critical security updates.)

@cn @joshuanozzi @codesections I think the short answer is "anything but apostrophe, don't use apostrophe for plural."

@codesections if it's caps like DVD or CD then it needs 's, but if it is lowercase you don't. Raspberry PI's vs pis.

@cavaliertusky @codesections That's if it's an initialism only, I think. We have PlayStations, not PlayStation's. (Well, if I had more than one.)

@codesections +1 for pies. Because pies are delicious and who wouldn't prefer to say they have TWO PIES. 🥧 🥧


@codesections It must be two Pi's or two Pis, as Raspberry Pi is a proper noun. I prefer Pis.

[Who let an English major in the room?]

@codesections TIL: 10% of people are wrong, but an additional 12% of people have given up. :)

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