applications are currently taking up 2.1 gigs of RAM on my system.

…and this is *after* I have *closed ALL running Electron apps*!


@codesections the only good Electron app is VS Code, and that's only because Microsoft has the resources to actually make something performant with that piece of shit


Yeah, but I'm temporarily stuck with bad Electron apps for chat-with-work/project groups.

The worst offender I'm dealing with right now is the (really quite appalling) Electron app (required for their chat). And I've gotten *that* team to agree to move to Matrix… contingent on me being the one to set up/admin our server.

So, I guess I should really get around to that—no one to blame but myself :D

@codesections @coldacid
I do not suggest setting up #keybase chat b/c it requires running their buggy-as-shit software.

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