TFW: You connect to a server, and it is out of disk space *so* badly that bash completion won't even work


> du /var/log

Well, in this case it's more like `du -sh mastodon/live/public/system/media_attachments`, but I take your point

@codesections @alexbuzzbee running masto stuff as root? It used to be so that 5% of the filesystem is always kept free so unless you're root, you can't write any more.

@zladuric @alexbuzzbee

> running masto stuff as root?

Nope, just as the `mastodon` user. Odd.

But this is for a test server with no real users, so I'm fine with a bit of odd behavior and have already resolved the disk usage. But it did feel like one of those relatable "well, darn" moments

@codesections @alexbuzzbee what I want to know is did it leave 5% or not I the end :)

@Wolf480pl @zladuric @alexbuzzbee

> ssh-ing directly to root?

Actually, no, which is part of why I was a bit surprised

@zladuric @codesections @alexbuzzbee The 5% (or whatever was configured) is reserved exclusively for root, so even though there's technically space left, it's not accessible to the logged in user.

If you log in as root, then bash completion will work.

@mikegerwitz @codesections @alexbuzzbee yep I know, I'm just saying. Meaning, you log in, get stuck - but still can `su` to root and go on.

been there, done that way too often. 😅
`ncdu` has helped me out several times though :)

@codesections Been there. Though in my case, it was a runaway Docker process.

@codesections I think that tends to be /tmp or is it /; normally it's then the panic to delete *something* - until you then find it's something filling it up as quickly as you delete it.

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