So, I'm currently in the traditional role of … reluctant… holiday tech support for extended family.

I'm helping someone migrate WhatsApp data (I know) from a Windows phone (I know) to an android phone (I know) via GlDrive (I know!)

And *WOW* google/facebook managed to screw this up in exciting ways I wouldn't have thought possible!

For example, when you "back up" WhatsApp messages to GDrive, they are loaded, but totally hidden—GDrive provides *no* indication that you have uploaded anything


Apparently, Google decided that an sqlite database is just too confusing for regular people, so they hide the backup. It also doesn't count towards your GDrive limit, so they don't show the space it takes up, either. There's just *no* indication that it's there.

(Relatedly: it looks like I'll be pulling down the message DB as a raw SQLite db and working with it that way. I don't suppose any of y'all have had to do that before and have tips, do you?)

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