To all the new users on —welcome! We're really glad to have you here :D

You may not realize it, but you've stumbled into a pretty special place for the Internet. Folks here tend to be friendly, supportive, inclusive, and nerdily interested in tech/#foss. You won't find a whole lot of politics/drama, or any personal attacks, which violate our code of conduct

A couple of links to help you get your bearings:


To all the non-new users: we're in a pretty big wave of new folks! Hundreds of users have signed up in the past day or so. That's exciting, but also poses a few challenges.

We should all be sure to set a good example and model the sort of behavior we all value so much about Fosstodon. If you see any behavior that violates the CoC, please report it!

Those of us old enough to remember the Eternal September know how key this time is

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