/#linux etiquette question:

A package I use in a rolling-release distro is several versions behind upstream and I'd like to see it updated. The repo lists the maintainer's email address.

Is it appropriate to email the maintainer directly, or are there more official distro channels I should go through?

(I'm running into this issue on , but I'd imagine it would come up in other rolling distros)

@codesections Most Linux distros have policies/procedures for that (Arch has a flagging system, Gentoo and Debian use their bug tracker, etc).

In absense of such procedures, I see no problem with mailing the maintainer.

@ayo @codesections

For Void it is also easy to contribute and bump the package!

@codesections A better way to go about this would to find wherever the package's version control is and file a ticket there, if that's a thing with Void

@codesections imo that’s legit. Or a bug tracker if that exists

@codesections does the distro have a) a bug tracker or b) a list for package issues?

@codesections "The repo lists the maintainer's email" - is that the distro's repo, or the package's source repo?

In general, make the distro deal with it unless you are sure that the package's upstream maintainer is the same person.

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