I've been building Flóðgátt, a replacement streaming API server for Mastodon. The goal is to cut RAM usage and make hosting an instance that much cheaper.

So far, we've cut RAM for the streaming server of an empty instance by ~94.2%

The next task is to make sure that lower RAM usage can scale without other issues (e.g., CPU).

To do that, I need a test server with enough connections to see how Flóðgátt performs under load.

That's where y'all come in: can you please follow @codesections ?



> That's where y'all come in: can you please follow @codesections ?

(Just in case the abbreviation made that confusing, I was asking if a few people can follow @codesections — that is codsections[at]instance.codesections.com, the test account I created. *Not* this account — codesetions[at]fosstodon.org. You're of course welcome to follow me here, too, it just won't do anything to help test Flóðgátt 😁 )

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