Any thoughts on good (and privacy respecting) dynamic DNS providers?

I'm tempted by , but I only know what I've read in a little bit of research

@codesections I use/have used both. Both work great. I'm not sure about privacy.


> I use/have used both. Both work great. I'm not sure about privacy.

What do you mean by "both"? I only mentioned one

@codesections 😃lol, I guess I imagined my initial response instead of posting it. I meant to mention


> what about setting up your own dynamic dns?

What do you have in mind? Unless I'm missing something, I'd still have to `dig` an external service, wouldn't I? That doesn't seem too different from using an existing provider (but I feel like I might be missing something there)

@codesections I mean using BIND9 as a caching DNS server. You'd be connecting to the Root NSs directly rather than going through something like Google or CloudFlare

There's a learning curve involved but I think it's worth learning about the DNS system in the end

@codesections my pleasure!

It's funny, there's a few things from the Cisco courses that I learned that I think like...any tech or developer would do well to learn.

DNS, IPv4 + VLSM, and routing+switching basics are those things. It helps you understand a lot of higher level concepts like web servers, network troubleshooting, and network addressing.

@brandon @codesections hurricane electric also do a cool ipv6 course that gets you to set up ipv6 tunnels and a bit of networking as well and at the end of it you get a t-shirt.

@onepict @brandon @codesections they also have a free DNS service which has a very simple DDNS option as well.

@codesections also, feel free to ask me anything about these things if you're stuck

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