Question for those of you who use password managers:

How do you handle "joint" passwords in your personal life? I'm thinking about things like passwords for joint bank accounts, Netflix accounts, etc. — anything that you'd share with a family/household member.

Do you share access to the same password vault? Each have a separate vault and try to keep the passwords in sync? Have a "yours" , "mine", and "joint" vaults with separate passwords? Something else?

Spouse and I have seperate password managers that we manage separately, even on joint accounts.

@codesections yours, mine and joint is the obvious solution here, and what I use.

@codesections I have a joint bank account with my partner but we both have separate logins for it. My netflix is my parents and my partner's is under her parents. Not every single password I have is in my password manager.

@codesections I haven’t been able to convince my family to use password managers, but I keep my own copies of shared passwords in my personal KeePass database.

@codesections Bitwarden allows you to create organizations where you can selectively share or provide access to certain passwords to people in the org. All invited users have their own login to the system, so you can mitigate risk.

@codesections I used the "correct horse battery stapler" method to device a set of okay-ish strength passwords that I use for shared services with my wife (e.g. Netflix) and things like the WiFi here at home.

I've memorized them and don't bother putting them in keepassxc, as I deem the secrets they protect not worth the hassle of getting my wife to use a password manager.

If any of these things are hacked, I'll repeat the process manually for the handful of sites in question.

@codesections I don't have this issue, at least at the moment, but I could see someone having a separate joint password file. I use keepass so I might use NextCloud to sync that offline file

@codesections imho critical services such as joint bank accounts should have individual login credentials. Not just for safety, but also accountability. Have you considered raising that issue with your bank provider?

@codesections We use different vaults. I maintain the passwords and if there’s any update, I share it manually.

@codesections We have like one shared password. But if it was more, then the solution would be to treat them as individual passwords, managed separatedly.

The number of shared passwords that require regular changing and thus synchronisation is negligible.

@codesections have a single, shared KeepassXC database with folders and subfolders. Looking to migrate to Bitwarden (bitwarden_rs).

@codesections We use LastPass and share common folders across accounts.

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