Lisp is not an acceptable Lisp:

I mean, it's true, but here I am in 2017-2019 finally getting a handle on doing productive stuff in Common Lisp.


>Lisp is not an acceptable Lisp:

Interesting read. But

> At the risk of predicting future fashion trends, which is rarely a good idea, I'll venture that objects are going to continue to be trendy for at least a few more decades.

Didn't really turn out right, did it? (Though in fairness, he did say making that prediction wasn't a good idea)

@codesections @gcupc

Objects are such an easy abstraction to wrap our heads that the first time I read “move beyond OO” I thought “Heresy!”

Fortunately I kept reading and see the point but I imagine it’s a hard sell for lots of people.

@mkb @gcupc

> I imagine [moving away from Object Oriented Programming is] a hard sell for lots of people.

Yeah, I certainly don't think OOP is going away any time soon—both because, as you say, it's a hard sell to lots of folks and because OOP really *is* the right abstraction for some problem spaces.

But, if we're talking about what's "trendy" in programming (as the 2006 post was), then I think the time of OOP being trendy is well in the past

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